With our range of integrations you can customize your Brightpearl account to meet your business needs. Your consultant will advise you on the best setup and ensure a seamless integration. 

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Multi-channel selling


As part of the account setup your consultant will establish and test the connections to your online marketplaces and ecommerce sites, ensuring a seamless integration with your selling channels. 

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Feature apps


We’ll advise on integrations with other applications and cast light on how they add value to your business. Your consultant can show you how to streamline your shipping workflow with apps such as Shiptheory and ShipStation, minimizing manual work from your team, reducing errors and driving down costs.

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External integration expertise


Our consultants are software experts who have strong relationships with 3rd parties - including web development agencies and 3PLs. They understand how the Brightpearl API can improve efficiency and can help your business to grow with bespoke integrations.