Pearl available through Google Apps Marketplace

We're pleased to announce that Pearl is available through Google Apps Marketplace. Google Apps Marketplace is designed to showcase software that integrates with the suite of Google Apps tools. We're probably one of the most advanced cases of true integration (watch out for the cheapos that claim integration by providing just a link to your Google Mail inbox!).

We've updated the Pearl email dropbox!

You can use your Pearl email dropbox to keep a copy of all communications on the relevant contact timeline, whichever email software you use.  That's really handy if you need to access a full contact history, or need to share information between team members without CC-ing everyone all the time.

Back in the early days of 2009 you had to set up a separate dropbox email account that Pearl connected to, and copied all the emails over. Now it's much, much simpler.

Wordpress CRM / Contact form plugin

If you run a Wordpress blog or website, then you've probably got a "contact us" page to capture new leads. Excellent, that's a great start. But what happens to those leads that come in from your site? You probably get an email sent to you, which you filter, respond to and then wait for a reply. You're probably pretty busy, so if they don't get back to you, then it's unlikely that it's going to turn into a deal.

Welcome to 2010! Important VAT news

Further to our post back in December about the VAT rate increases, we've made some changes to all our UK client accounts.

We originally thought that the automated rate change should be opt-in, ie all your items would stay 15% VAT unless you manually changed them yourself.

Viva la Gravatar

CRM Avatars

CRM Avatars

So you're talking to a client on the phone, or you're working through a stack of business cards that you picked up from your last networking meeting. Ka-ping! Up pops a little picture of them in your CRM system to remind you who they are.

Eventbrite CRM integration with Pearl

Eventbrite crm integration

Eventbrite crm integration


New prices : building blocks for business

All fresh new price plans for Pearl

All fresh new price plans for Pearl

New price plans

Handling the January VAT increase with Pearl

As you're probably aware, VAT in the UK will be going up to 17.5% on the 1st January 2010.  This means that you're going to need to change the way you do things, so that your invoices will show the correct tax amounts.

Fortunately for our Pearl users, the following will be done for you:

Support multiple dealer lists on your website

If you're a distributor using Pearl and you're hosting your website with us, then you're already benefiting from the business-to-business portal where your customers can place orders, view invoices, pay for quotes and download statements.

You can also list selected contacts on your website as "stockists". This is currently handled using the "dealer" tickbox in the contact edit screen, and will soon be handled using public list tags. We're letting you know now so that you can make any changes before we remove the "dealer" feature: