Faster, easier, more control

We've added some features to your Pearl account.

Dashboard visibility

If you want to limit the view of any of your sales staff to just their own contacts, quotes and sales, then visit Setup:Licences and permissions and set "View all contacts" to "no" for that team member.

We've added configuration options to the pie charts on the Contacts dashboard, so that you can see "All contacts", or just "My contacts". This is of course if you as an administrator are set View all contacts = yes.

Email campaigns

New features - Oct 09

In addition to the new features we added to Pearl last month, we have managed to get the following done too for the release that's due out tonight.


Shopping cart now shows the gross value of the shipping in the shipping quotes if you're viewing a price list that is set to have prices including tax.

Stock control

New features Sept 09

We have a whole load of new features available from 15th September. The most important things that you need to know are outlined below. As usual, all of our demo accounts have already been updated to the latest version, so please log in at and have a play to ensure that you're not going to be surprised by anything.

Scheduled maintenance

We will be performing core operating system upgrades across all our servers to improve security and stability next week. We don't anticipate any service interruption for longer than a few minutes, but to minimise risk we will be doing the work between 12am and 6am (GMT) on Wednesday 16th September.

Initial database backups will take at least an hour, during there won't be any service interruption. Any time that your website will be unavailable due to ip address transition between servers (at most a few minutes) will be covered by an "upgrade in progress" message.

Doug Richard BBC Dragon joins board of Pearl

Doug Richard Joins Pearl

We're delighted to announce that Doug Richard from Dragons Den has joined the board of Pearl!

We're all real people

We work in remote access software, so we rarely get to meet clients face to face. It's nice to have a real person to person relationship however - so as a good substitute we've added your avatars (photos) to the helpdesk portal on our website.

Upload your photo

Upload your photo

Twitter and CRM

We've got a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment, both in the business development space and the product technical development.

GoogleMail. Twitter. ThunderBird. Sales invoices. Outlook. Support updates. iPhone. Meetings. Calls. BlackBerry Mail, all in the same timeline within your Pearl CRM.

Help us to help you

Ticket ratingYou'll have noticed a new feature on our helpdesk - you can now give us a rating when you close the ticket. This helps our support team to give you the best service possible - so please use it!

You can now also re-open a closed ticket if you need us to revisit a closed issue - there's a link in the "closed tickets" list.

Recently added

New this week in Pearl:

Handy features

A "cancel journal" button that gives you a quick and easy way to zero off unwanted accounting journals. Visit the journal correction screen and it's at the top right.

Sales reporting

SaaS "server maintenance"

I read this recently on a well known European SaaS accounting package :

"Our hosting center are upgrading their high-voltage power supply on May 18th between 00:15 and 06:00 (CET). In this period [the service] will be unavailable, this means that neither the web site nor the API will be available. So if you have any automatic jobs running within this time interval, they will not be run on May 18th.

As the system comes online again, we will be monitoring it to make sure that everything is running correctly."