Recently added features

The eagle eyed amongst you all will have noticed a number of handy new features in your Pearl account. Here's a summary of what's new:


The default credit limit and credit terms for new contacts is now defined by the settings in your main company contact. To edit this, visit Setup - Options - Defaults, and click the blue link.

Good news for MYOB users

The good news for MYOB users is that you can now import all your accounts, customers, suppliers and balances directly into Pearl. Now this isn't just a chart of accounts, it's a complete business snapshot - including full Debtors and Creditors analysis down to the invoice level.

Import accounts from MYOB

We've launched our affiliate scheme

Start building leads and generating commission off Pearl subscribers - with the new Pearl affiliate scheme.

Earn a commission from monthly subscriptions. Our average paid subscription is currently at £130/month.

All you need to do is sign up for the scheme, add links and logos to your websites, emails, forum footers and marketing material, then watch the leads come in.

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Free version - Pearl Express - launches on 1st May 09

We've been busy recently and have some big announcements, including:

Migrating to Pearl SaaS

So you've got an idea that you want to move your business to a new integrated software solution. You've been running for a year or two and you have data in all sorts of different packages - Outlook, Sage, ACT and so on. You need to be able to get running quickly, since every day your team is adding new contacts, invoices and products.

Unless you can minimise business interruption, it's going to be hard to switch over.

Pearl 1.87 released

Overnight all users were upgraded to version 1.87 - see the release notes here for more information.

Pearl partners with PayPal

At Pearl, we're always looking for ways to make businesses faster and more efficient. We have now integrated with PayPal to offer a way to make financial administration easier.