We thought we would share a graphic with you that we have been using to help clients decide which ecommerce platform is right for them. It's subjective and only a guideline but we think it will help drive the right choice. Look out for an upcoming booklet in the CA101 education zone as well.


Hey guys! Mark from Shopify here. Nice infographic - thanks for taking the time to offer some insight on the various platforms. As you pointed out, no HTML or CSS is off-limits if people want to customize their Shopify theme and our users range from tech novices who don't know a line of code to advanced developers who build their own storefronts from scratch. A significant number of our merchants also augment their sales by selling on Ebay and Amazon or in a brick and mortar store. If any of your clients have any Shopify related questions or need help with anything, feel free to hit me up! Cheers.

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