Brightpearl's Middle East Experience

Brightpearl in the Middle East

The benefits that Brightpearl can bring a business spans geographies and one of our latest customers to sign up is The Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing (BQFP) in Qatar.  In this blog post we follow Justin Press in our professional services team out to Qatar, where he helped BQFP implement their Brightpearl solution.

The customer journey - from trepidation to trust

Brightpearl partners with Sagepay as our payment services provider.  In this guest blog post they offer some useful insight for you, regarding how to convert more customers on your website and make it as easy as possible for them to pay.  Find out more about our special offer with Sagepay.

Brightpearl December release

This month we see a range of awesome updates to the Brightpearl system, covering performance improvements, bug fixes and new features. Brightpearl 4.10 will be deployed across all our data centres over the next few days.

Speed up your homepage and compete with the big brands

The homepage of your website is probably your most important online asset for attracting visitors and converting them to customers and it's really important that it loads quickly. You can spend hundreds of hours and a lot of money on SEO, but if it takes 20 seconds for your homepage to load, your potential customer will give up and just move on to the next link in Google's search results. In actual fact a fast website will end up helping your SEO!

Black Friday - Are You Ready?

This coming Friday it's Black Friday in the US, the day after thanksgiving which is a well know date in the retail world as representing the start of Christmas and one of the busiest days in the retail calendar.  Many shops open early and close late to make sure they get the most sales possible.  Black Friday is closely followed by Cyber Monday (28th Nov), the biggest online retail day of the year.