Magento inventory and order management - just the way you want it

We’ve just released a new set of features to strengthen our already powerful Magento integration. We now support a number of different levels at which you connect you connect your Brightpearl account up to your Magento store(s):

Integrate Magento with Brightpearl inventory and accounting management software

The pros and cons of online retail

The Internet represents a substantial market and revenue stream for retailers, one which is growing faster than their high street counterparts.

However, like with most things, there are positives and negatives to this online retail world (websites, marketplaces like eBay & Amazon, and comparison websites) versus the more traditional route of selling in a bricks and mortar shop. In fact you could argue that far from the feared “death of the high street” there are some real benefits for retailers to be selling via this channel.

Brightpearl delivers stunning ROI and efficiencies again

This post is written by Adam Smith.  Adam is Director and co-Founder at Frampton Retail, created to exploit online retail niches with a replicable model that demonstrates rapid web deployment and scalable back-end efficiencies. It is rare that web agencies can provide a real live in-house project as proof to clients, and this is exactly what Frampton Retail does! In this blog post he tells us about his experiences working with Brightpearl and how he has realised incredible returns since moving 2 retail businesses across to the Brightpearl platform.

May Brightpearl update; including extra multi-currency features

Many Brightpearl users buy and sell in a variety of currencies, and although Brightpearl doesn't support multiple currencies in the accounting ledgers (we're working on it...), you can raise Sales Orders and Purchase Orders in any currency you want. This release, we've made it easier to work with foreign currencies, by adding the original invoice currency value to both the customer statement and the payment allocation screens.

Foreign currency statement and invoices