How Natural Baby Shower grew from the kitchen table into a successful multichannel business

One of the things we love about working at Brightpearl is the chance to work with so many passionate, inspiring and innovative retailers. Every one of their stories is unique. which is why we like to catch up with our customers regularly to hear their stories. We started Brightpearl to help retailers accelerate their business and we are inspired by our customers stories.

OpenSSL Heartbleed Security Vulnerability

What is Heartbleed?

On Monday the OpenSSL project announced a serious vulnerability, nicknamed “Heartbleed”. SSL is the encryption used to make the internet secure when transferring sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords. OpenSSL is the most popular open source encryption software and is widely used.

The Heartbleed vulnerability meant that it was theoretically possible for someone to collect and decrypt information passing through any secure site using OpenSSL, for example, an ecommerce site or bank.

How technology solution providers are helping retailers achieve multi-channel success

Shoppers today have a lot of choices as there are more ways than ever to find and explore products. In reality a lot of us use a mixture of online and offline activities as we shop and the line between them is starting to disappear.

For retailers offering a seamless multi-channel experience can be a challenge. Managing and growing a multi-channel retail business is exciting, but it can also be complex and time-consuming. There are several moving parts to multi-channel retailing, it’s a case of figuring out the optimal channel mix, then choosing how to manage those channels.

The top five accounting mistakes you can avoid in Brightpearl

You can make faster, better business decisions to improve profits and cash flow with Brightpearl. By integrating your accounts with your orders and inventory you can get real-time revenue and profit analysis. Our clear, easy-to-access reports show you where you’re making money (and where you aren’t) by SKU, channel and customer.

We’re now integrated with Shopify POS.

Earlier today we announced that we are now integrated with Shopify POS, the iPad application for retailers to sell their Shopify store’s merchandise in physical brick-and-mortar locations. We’re constantly evaluating how we can offer more value to our customers, and integrating with Shopify POS was a no-brainer!