It was in 2004 when Onya Innovations story started; Jon Brousson started selling Onya bags at the Fremantle Market in Australia. His environmentally friendly bags took off and they became really popular down under. Realising the need for reusable bags wasn’t confined to an Australian market, Dan Brousson also set up a stall at the Greenwich Market in London. The brothers have since grown Onya over the past nine years and now sell bottles, sandwich wrappers, ‘people towels’, ‘charcoal people’ and coffee cups amongst other green goodies. The pair wholeheartedly believe in promoting a sustainable future and we caught up with Dan to tell us more.

Brightpearl has adapted to my business and the best thing for me is the cloud based stock control.

Not only does Dan oversee the manufacturing of Onya products he also manages selling those products all over the world through various channels. And he does all of this from his back garden in rural Suffolk!

“Being my own boss was very important to me and as a single parent I needed the flexibility to be able to work from home. It was my brother Jon who invented our first product, the Onya bag, and it was then I saw the potential for the brand to expand. We have worked really hard to develop our products globally. We do everything in an eco-friendly way, we make and sell products that inspire reuse rather than a disposable culture. We make alternatives to stuff you might use once and throw away, it’s cool, inspiring and it’s well-made. We want people to reuse our products again and again to reduce the impact on the planet. We want to be at the forefront for promoting a sustainable future with our environmentally friendly products”.

Dan works really hard to run his business and he also has three members of staff working remotely and a 3rd party fulfilment house. The majority of Onya sales go through three channels; 40% of sales going through the Magento online stores, 40% through Amazon and the rest is sold via eBay.

“For us selling through multiple channels is very important for the business, we want to be where our customers are. Most of our sales are done through Amazon and the website, 60% of that is retail and the rest is wholesale, B2B. We are in process of developing another Magento website to expand our Magento stores. It’s very exciting to be expanding again and we expect it to grow quite quickly. Having all these different areas of the business to keep an eye on can become very challenging. We were having problems with balancing the stock between different channels, double selling and VAT discrepancies. Now we have Brightpearl we have a real-time view of what’s going on within the business and it’s easy to manage all the moving parts”.

Onya Innovations want to inspire change; they have a real passion to help their customers reduce environmental impact on the world. Not only that, as Onya is an eco-company its really important that managing the business is eco-friendly too and using a cloud based software helped them to do this.

“I went searching the internet for a solution that would fit the company and I chose Brightpearl as it offered great control, ease of use, the price was good and its based in the cloud. I was quite nervous about introducing new software into the business as I really needed it to be right and adapt to suit my business. Implementing Brightpearl was really smooth and a lot easier than expected. I had some help from a verified partner of Brightpearl, Alan Griffiths, who was excellent. Now, I have Brightpearl working in all areas of my business and ticking along in the background keeping track of everything. It makes home and independent working more suitable for me and my employees. It’s really easy and logical to use and surprisingly the colours and graphics make a big difference.

Dan was one of our first customers to use the new eBay listing tool. This new Brightpearl feature allows Onya to easily create, publish and manage listings on eBay. As eBay is such a strong channel for Onya Innovations this new tool has helped the business to expand even quicker.

"I have got to grips with Brightpearl’s new eBay listing tool pretty quickly, listings to eBay are really quick and easy now. I have used turbolister and Linnworks before to list on eBay and Brightpearl is much easier to understand and use. Over time it will make a big difference to my business, it will become a major part of our sales on eBay. We plan to have multiple listing for products in multiple areas on eBay to get us as much exposure for Onya as possible. Its really exciting for us and this new feature makes it even easier for us to manage multichannel".

“Brightpearl has adapted to my business and the best thing for me is the cloud based stock control; its great. It has simply made my business more efficient, saving me time and money. It regulates stock, it automates a lot of manual processes - it almost manages the business itself! Our wholesalers are happy, our customers are happy, we’re happy, there’s no messing around. Brightpearl is an easily accessible online stock and accounts solution with fantastic integrations to multiple sales channels. I don't use anything else to run my business - it's all in Brightpearl.”