Purchase order software.

Streamlined purchasing for predictable cashflow.

Purchase order software

Managing purchases to make better sales

  • Avoid cashflow shocks
  • Improve visibility across purchasing processes
  • Integrate with all your retail channels
  • Reduce administration and improve accuracy
  • Add accurate cost prices to sales data for real profit analysis
  • "My CRM, stock control and order processing feeding instantly into my accounts has made life so much easier."
    Richard Doherty, The Office Coffee Company
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Be the king of cashflow.

Having a handle on cashflow can have a big impact on how quickly you can scale a business. Brightpearl purchase order software gives you instant visibility into your purchase history, your current stock levels, and your finances. You always know exactly what’s been ordered and what needs to be. Perfect purchasing harmony.

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Create purchase orders in a single click.

With Brightpearl purchase order software, you can boost efficiencies by keeping contact detailsproduct information, and accounting data in one place. Everything is connected so you can generate purchase orders at the click of a button and email them to your vendors from the same screen. And because your purchase orders are appended to a vendor’s contact, you can resolve any discrepancies quickly and easily. All your retail processes, happy together.

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Become your suppliers' best friend.

Making the purchasing process more efficient can strengthen your relationship with your suppliers. It’s not just about keeping your accounts accurate and up-to-date. Our purchase order software reminds you to pay for your orders so that you always get money to them on time. Storing purchase history against a vendor’s record also means you can quickly answer any questions your suppliers may have. Good for them, and good for you too.

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Get the full picture.

Get in-depth visibility into your purchases with Brightpearl purchase order software. With a clear view of all your sales, you can instantly see which purchases are giving you the best return. That means you can amend your future purchases to increase your profits and encourage business growth. Something every retailer should have in their sights.

  • Send PDF purchase orders by email, with a copy kept for your records
  • Create purchase orders back-to-back from sales orders
  • Save time using batch purchase orders from outstanding sales order list
  • Customize the purchase order flow with order statuses
  • Get reminders when purchase orders are overdue or not yet received
  • Add any extra information you like with purchase order custom fields
  • Receive purchase invoices against orders, integrated with accounts
  • Track money you owe to vendors via creditors / accounts payable
  • Split to back-order when purchase order is partially received
  • Buy in multiple currencies and choose exchange rates
  • Visibility over what products are on order so your team knows what’s due
  • Fully customizable templates including custom fields and layouts
  • Use as work orders for self-billing contractors
  • Send SMS messages direct to contractors with delivery/site address
  • Assign projects, channels, seasons for detailed reporting
  • Track notes so that everyone in your team can share information
  • Drop-ship purchase orders when you don’t have the item in stock
  • Merge purchase orders to match a single purchase invoice