We’re here to help you succeed.

Telephone support

Our support analysts are justly proud of the quality of our email and online support. But sometimes there is no substitute for talking to a knowledgeable, helpful and friendly human being - and that’s what our support analysts most certainly are. For a monthly fee you can get the added reassurance that help is a call away.

Setup, Data Import and Implementation Services

Customers who use our or our partner’s implementation services see a much faster return on investment than those who do it themselves. For many this is the most critical business system in their business so it makes sense to take guidance, advice and practical launch services from the people who know the product inside out. It’s the most cost-effective way to be successful from the start on Brightpearl.

eBay and Magento connection services

We love multichannel and we want our customers to be successful there straight away.That is why we offer an array of Magento and eBay professional services packages that match the complexity of your integration. From a quick connection to the full enchilada that will connect Magento all the way through to external accounting systems our certified consultants and partners will make sure you are successful in what you want to do in the vital marketplace.

Training Services

While we’ve built Brightpearl to be as intuitive as possible sometimes there is no substitute for comprehensive training for all the users who will rely on Brightpearl to do their job well. Discover features, tricks, tips, shortcuts and more to make sure your team are Brightpearl pros in no time. You can train over the web, in the classroom or have your own custom package put together.


All Brightpearl users get access to our budding community. You can get access to our forums to ask questions and interact with other growing businesses, log a helpdesk ticket or message other members. Our team also likes to post helpful content, such as tips and tricks and how-to guides in the forums so go and have an explore and see what you can find.

Knowledge base

We have a comprehensive knowledge base for you to access too, with a huge wealth of information explaining how to use Brightpearl. Whether you’re just looking for an introduction to an area of Brightpearl, or would like to get a more in-depth understanding, the information is there for you to browse at your disposal.

Videos and webinars

If you prefer to learn by watching rather than reading that’s no problem either. Head over to our videos section, or sign up for one of our webinars, and you can see firsthand how to use Brightpearl successfully.