Brightpearl has written several whitepapers aimed to help small businesses further develop and grow their business. We lean on our own experience and expertise within Brightpearl to be able to pass on this advice free of charge to our customers, prospects and any small business who can benefit. We hope these whitepapers give you additional pointers and tips which help you run your business more effectively.

14 Reasons Why Placing Purchase Orders is so Important

If you’re frequently purchasing new stock from vendors and fulfilling multiple orders yourself every day then it is essential that you have a good purchasing process in place. One of the cornerstones of an efficient purchasing process is purchase orders. They give you a record of what has been ordered that is essential for keeping track of your inventory and extremely useful for both forecasting and reporting on many aspects of your business.

10 Reasons Why Accurate Inventory is Important

If you’re a small business selling inventory then you are sure to have come across some of the pitfalls it entails, but getting it right could be more important than you think. Accurate inventory underpins the rest of your business from making sure you can come through on promises to your customers, to getting your accounting right for those all-important audits, whilst inaccurate inventory causes inefficiency across your business. So take a look at our ten top tips for getting it right.

38 Kick Ass eBay Tips to help you Make More Money Online


eBay is a big player in the online marketplace world, providing a large channel to a huge amount of additional prospective customers for small businesses. If you’re a retailer or wholesale business no doubt you’ve started, or thought about starting, to utilise this sales channel. With that in mind we’ve pulled together some top eBay tips to help you to make the most out of this potentially very lucrative route to market.

Small Business SEO Guide: Get more traffic, make more sales.

If you are looking to learn more about SEO then this is the guide for you. A full rundown on the basics of SEO and how you can use this knowledge on your website. Increasing the amount of new quality traffic to website without needing to spend any extra money. 

A guide to integrating your Brightpearl system with a 3rd party warehousing or fulfilment solution

VERSION 1.0 A how to guide outlining the process of integrating Brightpearl with a third parties inventory, sales order, purchasing and corrections systems.

Website Workout: 14 Ways to Boost Sales on Your Website

You've put a lot of time and effort into getting people to your website now it's time to convert as many as possible into paying customers and get a quick ROI on your marketing efforts. Get your website up to scratch and it will do a lot of the work for you. We've put together 14 tips for getting your website into ship shape and converting as many as those visitors as you can. 

Beyond Accounting Software

Whilst Accounting software is one of the most important and quite often the first purchase in a business, it doesn't (and isn't meant to) help you grow your business. This whitepaper explores four essential tools for growing your business.

7 Ways To Boost eBay & Online Marketplace Sales

Drawing on our knowledge of eBay and Online Marketplaces, we've pulled together 7 key tips to boosting your sales through these channels.

7 Tips For Keeping Stock Control Under Control

Read our best practice tips for keeping stock control in check. Even the best inventory managers sometimes trip up, but using our experience we've complied some simple steps to help you ensure a smooth, slick and accurate stock control system.

Inbound Insight: 6 Strategies For Attracting More Shoppers To Your Online Store

If you need some insight and pointers into inbound marketing and how it can help you grow, then check out this practical guide to increasing your online sales through inbound marketing. Learn how to drive more traffic to your online store by following the steps in this free guide.