This section provides guides to integrating Brightpearl with IRIS and a number of payment providers, some which allow you to actually process a card payment via back office. Each payment method has its own requirements but they will all allow you to create accounting entries and mark orders/invoices and paid.

Adding IRIS codes to your Brightpearl chart of accounts allows your accountant to view and export your trial balance using a format that they are familiar with and can then be imported to IRIS.

Brightpearl can be connected to a number of payment providers which will allow you to processes card payments online. These payments can be transferred to Brightpearl to mark the relevant invoices as paid and update your accounting. It is recommended that you create a separate bank account for each payment provider you use. This will accurately reflect the real world, since money held with one payment provider, e.g.. PayPal, will not be visible in you main bank account until you transfer it over. This will also allow you to easily see how much money has been processed through each account and allow you to easily reconcile them should you wish to.