The fulfilment status helps you to see which items on a sales order have had goods-out notes or drop-ship purchase orders created for them. The fulfilment process allows you to fulfil and ship individual lines of an order, for example, when one item is out of stock but you want to send the rest of the order. This icon shows you whether you've got any unfulfilled lines on a sales order.

Fulfilment Status

Sale not fulfilled
Sale part fulfilled
Sale all fulfilled

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How can I see the fulfilment status of my sales orders?

You can see the fulfilment status of your sales orders from the sales order listing, go to Sales > List all Sales/Quotes. Use the filters to view those orders still waiting fulfilment, or go straight from the sales menu to List Sales by fulfil status.

Notice how you can also see the Allocation Status and Shipping Status on your sales orders too!