If you're selling on eBay you'll be taking payments from your customers using PayPal. To do this your PayPal account is hooked up to your eBay account.

In order to get all the payment information into Brightpearl you'll also need to integrate PayPal with Brightpearl (it doesn't automatically download with the order).

Once your Brightpearl account is integrated with PayPal you will be able to synchronize your eBay PayPal payments, this is done by clicking the "sync eBay PayPal payments" button on the recent sales list. Each sync will check for new payments within the last 30 days. Payments older than 30 days cannot be downloaded.

Synchronizing eBay PayPal payments will:

  • Create the sales receipt accounting per payment, including PayPal fees if required (except where a payment relates to multiple orders)
  • Mark the Brightpearl orders as paid (eBay orders only)
  • Record the PayPal transaction reference against the Brightpearl order
  • Update the customer record with their name, replacing the eBay username used when the original order downloads



Synchronizing on the PayPal log will only list the transactions and not mark orders as paid. Only eBay orders can be automatically marked as paid by synchronizing from the recent sales list. Other PayPal transactions can be manually allocated by entering the PayPal transaction ID within the order.



All transactions downloaded from PayPal (including those not related to eBay sales) can be viewed on the PayPal log. Those with order numbers and/or blue values, have already been processed and have accounting entries associated with them. Notice that there is a Synchronize now button on the PayPal log, this will download transactions but will NOT match up your eBay payments with orders, and no accounting will be created automatically. You can re-sync eBay PayPal payments from the recent sales list to complete these steps.



PayPal can be integrated with Brightpearl regardless of whether you are integrating with eBay.


Dealing with a single payment for multiple eBay orders

When a customer buys multiple items using the eBay shopping cart it will download as a single order in Brightpearl. However, if the customer "Commits to buy" multiple times, multiple orders will download into Brightpearl, even if the customer pays for them all in one go. In this scenario Brightpearl will be unable to match the single PayPal payment with the multiple orders. This is because eBay provides a single parent order ID number, where as Brightpearl has multiple individual order ID numbers.

If this happens you will need to manually match the PayPal payment across the orders.