SagePay is a credit card solutions provider, providing services across the world. It allows you to take card payments from your customers in two ways, each with their own setup steps in Brightpearl:

SagePay form
Allows customers to make payments online through the Brightpearl web portal.
SagePay Direct (MOTO)
Allows Brightpearl users to process card payments through the back office where the customer and card are not present, known as Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO).

If you are using SagePay with Magento you will need to setup the payment method directly in Magento and not in Brightpearl.

You will need a merchant account and payment gateway, both of which you can get from SagePay. If you already have a merchant account with another company, perhaps your bank, you will need to ask them to confirm the account details with SagePay before you will be able to handle payments through the SagePay gateway.

SagePay offer

Brightpearl customers taking both the SagePay merchant and gateway packages get free processing for the first 3 months with no annual or setup fees - click here to apply.

SagePay form - taking payments online

Integrating SagePay forms allows your customers to make payments via the web portal. When the customer selects the SagePay payment method (named during the setup as you wish, e.g. "Credit / debit card") they are redirected through to the secure SagePay payment process, this means you don't need to worry about getting an SSL certificate since all the credit card payment information is handled by SagePay.

SagePay direct - back office payments & refunds (MOTO)

Integrating SagePay direct allows you to take card payments where the customer not present, such as payments made over the phone, much like a virtual terminal. The payment is processed directly through the Brightpearl interface, automatically creating the relevant accounting  and allocating the payment to the customer's accounting history. Payments can be processed against orders, invoices and directly onto the customer account (on account).

You can also refund customers via your Brightpearl account, as long as the original payment was made through Brightpearl. Once the original sales order has been cloned to a sales credit click the "Do refund" button where SagePay payments taken against that contact will be listed and can be selected for refunding.

Payment / transaction type

When setting up SagePay with Brightpearl you're able to select from different payment/transaction types:

Payment / Pay now

This option will take the payment from the customer card immediately, moving the funds to your account. In Brightpearl you will see a related order or invoice is marked as paid and the accounting is created.



This option is currently not available

This option will capture and authorize the customer's card for the payment amount, but the funds are not immediately taken from the customer's. With this method you will need to release the funds in your SagePay account when you wish to transfer the money. The funds also need to be released in Brightpearl to mark any related order/invoice as paid and create the accounting.


This will authorize the customer card for payment and will allow you to actually take the money later. This can be used where the final payment amount is currently unknown. The final payment needs to be captured within a restricted amount of time.

Test mode

You can place your SagePay account into any one of the below modes. You'll need to make sure the setup in Brightpearl uses the same mode as your SagePay account.


You can sign up for a simulator account with SagePay to test out their services before signing up. This will allow you to integrate it with Brightpearl and see how it will all work.


Switch your SagePay account into test mode to practice transactions without moving any money. This is used once you have signed up with SagePay and want to make sure everything is setup as you want before going live and taking real customer payments.

Live / Production

When you're happy that your account is setup and working correctly you can set your SagePay account and the payment method setup in Brightpearl to Live. Your customers can begin using this payment method.

If you are processing payments where the funds have not yet been received, the payment type in the Brightpearl settings for SagePay should be set to "Deferred". When the card is processed using the on-screen system, the amount is added into the "provisional" box on the order. This is because you have not yet received the funds, and the money should not be shown in the accounting system. You will need to release the funds both in your SagePay account and Brightpearl account when the money is received.

SagePay not working?

Check spelling
Double check for any spelling mistakes in the setup of SagePay in Brightpearl, like the miss-spelling of the "Vendor name".
Check account mode
What mode is your SagePay account in? If it is in Test mode then you will need to select the same in Brightpearl. If it is Live, you will also need to select Live in Brightpearl.
Check the IP address
Do you have the correct IP addresses? Find it at Setup > Company > Other options... check the URL of your account is added into your SagePay account setup.