Hwe Pang

Hi, I’m Hwe (pronounced “Ho”!)

Maybe I should start with some of my background; whilst studying I worked in the bike industry for 10 years and when I graduated I worked for a number of IT companies selling consultancy and training. I’ve been at Brightpearl for 5 years and during that time I’m sure I’ve spoken to many of you as I’ve worked in both the sales and account management teams.

Most of our customers in the UK may not know what customer success is, and three years ago I didn’t either. Customer Success is about helping customers meet their ambitions and goals by using processes, tools and expertise to guide Customer Success Managers deliver a repeatable consistent service. Since learning, I’ve gotten more and more excited about the impact it has on businesses that adopt it. I think it’s fair to say that our CEO, Derek O’Carroll is a big fan. He’s invested heavily in myself and my team and we are now building and delivering on a strategy to ensure the success of all our customers.

I love Brightpearl because it’s an exciting place to work. Every day is different and the best part of it is speaking to customers where we have transformed their business by providing them an innovative platform to allow them to grow.

I’ve recruited several new customer success managers into my team, and we have evolved Brightpearl to be a ‘customer first’ organisation. We’re building a customer advisory board to help us develop our platform and services, and you’ll see we’ve been scheduling meetups and events around the country so that you can meet your personal customer success manager and some more of the Brightpearl team. We are just now helping to roll out a new feature request process, and we have some great new apps due to launch early next year which we are looking forward to showing you.