Switching systems can be a nightmare for any business. Brightpearl’s mature public API allows you to integrate and keep the tools that work for your business and replace only what’s broken.

Extend Brightpearl to your bespoke business needs

Hundreds of our clients have built connections with their favorite sales channels, fulfilllment services and other tools. Our open API is core to the Brightpearl solution, it opens doors for you to further customize our platform as well as experiment and integrate new technologies.

Most importantly, we would have never been able to open multiple retail stores and multiple warehouses without Brightpearl. We also wouldn’t be able to sustain our continued 25% growth.
— Angela Tsay, Founder & Creative Director, Oaklandish

Integrated solutions to leading ecommerce stores, shipping and technology providers

Through our API, not only can you integrate new order sources into Brightpearl, but also fulfillment solutions - meaning that you can experiment with new sales channels, and facilitate fulfillment without having to give them access to Brightpearl.


Shipping integrations

Whether you work with a 3PL or dropshipper, Brightpearl’s API allows you to automate the process of sending order information to your fulfillment providers. Once orders have been shipped, automatically pass shipment information back to your customer.

Need a 3PL? We have a network of 3PLs with pre-built integrations.

EDI integrations

EDI is the industry standard for automating the interactions between trading partners. Brightpearl maintains integrations with leading EDI providers to allow you to automate your ordering and invoicing, decreasing the risk of chargebacks and inaccuracies.

The best thing about Brightpearl is the continued development and numerous application plugins.
— Mark Nicholls, Co-founder and Director, Little Green Sheep