Our partners win and retain more clients. Join our growing community of partners and offer the best retail and inventory management solution to support your clients growth.

Just a few of our market leading partners

Market Leading Partners

Why partner with Brightpearl?


Win more Customers

We promote partners to our clients naturally as part of our sales process. We are constantly trying to improve customer experience, and work hard to recommend the right partners to support the needs of our customers.


Earn commission on every deal

Our top partners are earning substantial ongoing revenue from client referrals. Refer Brightpearl and earn recurring revenue for your business. Join our partner program and start enjoying the benefits today.


Help your customers to grow profitably

Brightpearl customers enjoy unprecedented annual growth of 35% - far exceeding industry norms. Through tight integration with Brightpearl you can help your clients to grow faster and to grow profitably.


Sell on the Brightpearl App Store

If you develop an integration to extend the capabilities of Brightpearl you can sell it in our app store and earn 60% for each app you sell. We have an open API and you’ll have access to support and advice from the Brightpearl team.