Liaising with each of your departments throughout your implementation, your consultant will work with the whole team to make sure your solution is tailored to your business needs.

Illustration Inventory

Optimizing your inventory


Efficient stock control hinges on two things; taking full advantage of your software’s capabilities and optimizing your management practices. We’ll advise you on managing cross-channel inventory synchronization, structuring your product database for success, driving down costs by preventing overstocking, avoiding lost sales from out-of-stock products and working with consignment inventory. 

Features Illustrations Full control of your sales pipeline

Full control of your sales pipeline


Handling leads, prospects, quotes, pro formas or order confirmations? We’ll devise a workflow for your business to take full control of the sales pipeline, improving visibility to your customer services team so no opportunity goes ignored. We’ll demonstrate how to make the most out of contact and order status and how to build insightful reports to stay on top of your sales orders.


Warehouse efficiency

Warehouse efficiency


Avoid the pitfalls of a mismanaged warehouse as we can inform you on the best practices for organizing and managing your warehouse to improve both efficiency and accuracy. Whether this involves implementing bin locations for speedy batch-picking or eliminating the threat of human error by utilizing barcode scanning - we can help you achieve the most efficient pick, pack and ship process for your business.


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Managing your supply chain


We’ll work with your buying and merchandising teams to build an effective workflow for managing purchases, keeping track of incoming stock and committed costs. Your consultant will ensure best practices are followed for planning stock levels and monitoring product performance. 

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Real-time business insight


Our consultants are experienced in the world of accounting. They’ll show your finance team how to get the most out integrated, real-time reporting. With expert tips for tracking cost of goods sold, such as accurately recording landed costs, they’ll ensure truly accurate profitability reporting.