Accelerate your business: Hear top tips for retail success



Managing a successful retail business in today’s ever changing landscape can be hard. Consumer buying habits are evolving and retail businesses are becoming heavily reliant on automation and omnichannel strategies. This makes retail technology, and ensuring you choose the right technology, more crucial than ever before.

We know the changing landscape of the retail industry can be overwhelming, that’s why we’ve asked some of our most successful customers to share their top tips for accelerating and maintaining the growth of a retail business. With tips ranging from the simple such as, ‘understanding your weaknesses’ to more complex data and automation practices, our free webinar on February 21st will be sure to provide you with the answers you need.

This short teaser video gives you an idea of what you can expect from the upcoming webinar:

At Brightpearl, our job is to take away the pain of running your business, we’ve enabled thousands of retailers to reduce their admin overheads and focus on growing their business. In 2016 we surveyed our customer base and found that our retailers who streamline and automate back office processes see incredible performance growth:

  • 30% growth in monthly revenue
  • Save 57 days per year
  • Process 53% more orders
  • 70% less orders missed

In our free webinar, we’ll be sharing some of the smaller secrets to success that we have learnt over the years – ones that promise to deliver a big impact to your retail business. Alongside top retail insights, we’ll also be sharing how retail technology can automatically manage your inventory, integrate your sales channels, reduce errors and admin overheads all whilst streamlining your business processes – enabling you to get back to focusing on selling.

The webinar will be hosted by our expert panelist including Matthew Bruun, our very own Chief Revenue Officer who has over 17 years of experience in technology sales and leadership across leading software and SaaS vendors. Matt will be join by Brightpearl’s Product Marketing Manager, Scott Hill, who knows the retail management system inside out after 5 years with the company. In less than hour they’ll teach you:

  • Exclusive top tips from our most successful retail customers from across the globe
  • How retail specific technology can support and grow omnichannel businesses
  • The real world benefits of automation and how technology can support your back office processes
  • How Brightpearl can take away the pain of running your business, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

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