This is How Brightpearl Sparks Customer Loyalty For Multi-Brand Retailer, Love Shopping Direct [Video]

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We frequently hear from our clients about how the Brightpearl platform can help close operational gaps and make the buying journey quick, seamless and trackable for their customers.

As a result, retailers are able to gain control over online feedback and exceed the modern expectations of shoppers with ultra fast and seamless experiences that often lead to five star feedback from delighted customers.

Earlier this year, we visited Love Shopping Direct, a large UK online retailer with multiple sub-brands, which between them sell LED lamps, lighting, heating and ventilation products.

We asked the team all about how Brightpearl supports their five star review strategy and found that we’re a key pillar of the tech stack that enables them to generate glowing feedback and ratings, which helps capture the attention – and the business – of today’s online shopper.

This is what Andy Lockley, Head of Ecommerce at Love Shopping Direct, had to say:

“One of the biggest challenges we used to face was customers calling and chasing up orders. We knew that as the business grew, this was an area we had to address, particularly as we were beginning to receive negative feedback due to customers not getting their items on time. We were using a stock management and inventory system to manage customer orders, but the system was complicated and difficult to manage. As the business offers a next-day delivery option, we had to make improvements so that customers always received their orders on time. We needed software to not just cope with order volume, but demanding delivery schedules too.”

“Using Brightpearl allows us to process orders twice as fast as before, giving us the confidence to introduce multiple delivery options, including late next-day delivery services, as we now know that we will be able to fulfill our service promises effectively. We’re now flooded with 5* Trustpilot reviews, most of which quote ‘fantastic, ‘great’ or ‘excellent’ customer service. With Brightpearl, we don’t just meet our customer delivery expectations, we’re now exceeding them, with an experience that both surprises and delights our shoppers. It has become a key competitive differentiator for our brand.”

To find out more about Love Shopping Direct, you can read their full customer story here. You can also take a look at each brand’s individual Trustpilot scores and reviews via the links below:

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