Brightpearl Revealed as Founding Member of Shopify’s new Global ERP Program

Brightpearl Shopify plus certified app

Shopify has launched a new Global ERP Program, allowing select Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) partners to build integrations into the Shopify App Store – marking the first time Shopify has ever directly partnered with ERP providers.

We’re delighted to reveal that Brightpearl has been included as a charter member of the program, and will partner with Shopify to connect large merchants’ back office and commerce capabilities.

Shopify’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone. Today, more than 10,000 large merchants are using Shopify Plus to manage their volume and complexity. These include brands that began on Shopify and have continued to scale, like Allbirds and Gymshark, as well as traditional retailers seeking a nimble commerce solution, like Heinz, Schwinn, and Lord & Taylor.

At their size and scale, Shopify’s largest merchants have different needs from smaller entrepreneurs and often require solutions like Brightpearl to help streamline and automate the greater levels of operational complexity involved in running large multichannel enterprises. 

Brightpearl helps enterprise-level retail customers like Lovepop, Flex Company and even Shopify themselves to streamline and automate their retail operations across order management, CRM, fulfilment, retail accounting inventory, and warehouse management

Brightpearl’s scalable platform helps larger merchants support rapid expansion, open up new markets, and keeps pace with consumer expectations, without fear of limitations. With Brightpearl, enterprise brands are free to Grow Fearlessly.

With the launch of the program, merchants can now natively connect their ERP solutions to their stores on Shopify— a critical step in helping them run and develop their end-to-end commerce operations faster, more efficiently and cost effectively. 

At launch, Brightpearl is featured alongside three other classic ERP partners.

Thousands of Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus merchants use ERPs and advanced retail operating systems, like Brightpearl, to centralise key business data, gain real time insights and optimize their operations and processes. 

At Brightpearl, we have seen a growing class of forward-thinking firms which are now utilizing the powerful yet agile combination of Brightpearl and Shopify Plus to grow fearlessly.

One of those brands is Flex Company, a Shopify Plus customer who recently joined Brightpearl’s platform. “At the heart of our decision to bring in Brightpearl was a goal of becoming a more modern, omnichannel business,” said the company’s SVP of Supply Chain, Aaron Alpeter. 

“Brightpearl’s ability to quickly integrate with our existing tech stack – including Shopify Plus  – and to stitch together the different elements of our business has been central to this journey.”

With the launch of the new Global ERP Program, merchants can now access a suite of certified apps directly integrated with Shopify. 

“The Shopify Global ERP Program is a gamechanger, showing how we’re constantly evolving our enterprise commerce capabilities for our large merchants,” said Mark Bergen, VP Commercial Revenue, Shopify. 

“ERPs are some of the most complex integrations in the world. By making it easier to connect with them, we’ll transform how our large merchants provide commerce experiences. We’re excited to partner with Brightpearl to help our merchants optimize their data and make their operations more efficient.” 

“The Shopify Global ERP Program is a fantastic addition for larger merchants, and we’re delighted to be a featured partner”, added Stuart Pick, VP Global Alliances, Brightpearl. 

“Large commerce firms can now quickly connect with enterprise partners, and, because they come Shopify-endorsed, they can trust in their ability to streamline and automate retail operations, level up end-to-end commerce capabilities and enhance experiences for their own end customers.”

Merchants can start connecting their ERPs to their Shopify stores here.