Brightpearl Shortlisted for the 2020 SaaS Awards

2020 SaaS Awards

Another day and another awards shortlist for the Brightpearl team! We’ve been named as a finalist in not one, but two different categories of the 2020 SaaS Awards, including Best SaaS Solution of the year and Best eCommerce SaaS solution, here’s hoping we make the podium and take down the gold!

Now in its fifth year of celebrating software innovation, the Software-as-a-Service Awards program accepts entries worldwide and is one of the most coveted accolades in the software and technology industries, so, naturally, we’re thrilled at the recognition. 

The Best of the Best

At a time when the ecommerce industry is in turmoil, our product has been the operations solution that has enabled our clients to survive, and even thrive during the pandemic. These nominations serve as recognition for the amazing efforts of our team over the past year to keep innovating our product and support our 1,000+ strong customer base in a difficult time for the retail industry.  

On our nominations, Justin Press, our SVP of Customer Success says, “To make the SaaS Awards shortlist is an honor. It recognizes the hard work and commitment of the Brightpearl team in using SaaS technologies to continually innovate. I am particularly proud of the manner in which our team has provided unwavering customer support throughout the unprecedented times of the past six months and continued to adapt this wonderful product of ours.”

Stiff Competition

We’ll have to see off some worthy competitors in order to claim the top spot in Best Saas Solution and Best eCommerce Saas Solution categories, but our customers are confident that the judges will see our worth. Hair & Beauty supplies company CoolBlades says that “without Brightpearl during the pandemic, we would have had to close our doors,” whilst Mad4tools.com and Fairfax and Favor both referred to Brightpearl as an ‘integral’ part of their success over the past year. 

In fact, with more than 100,000 businesses have had to close for good since the pandemic began in March we’re proud to see so many of our customers enjoying success against the odds, and taking the challenges of the pandemic in their stride. 

SaaS – ‘More important than ever’

Speaking around the unusual circumstances of the awards this year and the importance of SaaS in the current climate, James Williams, Head of Operations for the Saas Awards had this to say, 

“This year is of course a special case, with SaaS not only at the forefront of remodelling existing business processes, but also agilely responding with pioneering solutions to unavoidable global disruptions. Indeed, SaaS technologies are now celebrated as providing new and inventive ways for organizations to perform what might have once seemed simple tasks in a changing international landscape. From fulfilling orders to arranging meetings, SaaS technologies are more important than ever.”

The Final SaaS Awards winners will be announced on Tuesday 25 August 2020, watch this space!