Our Definitive Guide to the Best Shopify Stores and What They’re Doing Well

Best Shopify Stores and What They’re Doing Well Guide

With over 1,000,000 businesses powered by Shopify, it’s fair to say that when it comes to being one of the best Shopify stores, the competition is tough! 

Solutions like Shopify are making the world of ecommerce more accessible than ever before. They remove barriers to entry, which helps small businesses. They can muscle in and be competitive with the big boys in a way that traditional methods could never allow them to do. But to grab your piece of the pie, you have to be one of the best Shopify stores around. This means looking impeccable, functioning rapidly, and giving your customers exactly what they want, precisely when they need it. 

So, how are we judging the Best Shopify Stores?

The shopify stores that have made our list all have certain things in common. They excel in terms of aesthetics, user experience, leveraging of content, or a combination of all these areas. 

We’ll be judging the stores on the customer experience, from home page to checkout, and how effectively they have used content to enhance the brand. This may be a particularly fluid customer journey, or an impactful Instagram feed that garners better engagement than their competitors. It could be an excellent use of influencer collaboration, or a loyalty scheme that successfully aids customer retention time and time again. 

One way or another, these businesses have gone above and beyond the other 9.99 million Shopify users to make themselves stand out and provide that extra value. 

And in a nutshell that’s what a successful ecommerce strategy in a competitive market looks like.  The best online stores accurately reflect the aesthetic and values of the brand, offer a customer journey that is easily navigable, and share content that provides exposure for the business and value for the customer. Here are all of the brands that are doing it oh so well.

The Best Shopify Stores in Fashion

Fashion was a cutthroat industry, even before the internet. Now, it is a market that is almost impossible to dominate with any sort of longevity. There is just so much choice, so many similar offerings, and scores of imitators offering a luxury look at knock off prices. Luckily, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is via a stellar Shopify store. Here are some that stood out from the crowd for us, thanks to a combination of web design, celebrity collaboration, and exceptional leveraging of social media content.

Needle & Thread

(Image: Needle & Thread)

There are some requirements for starting a BOPIS initiative (see more on that below), but first you should decide if it makes sense for your business to pursue. 

Needle & Thread is the perfect example of a shopify store that actively embodies its brand. As a high end, traditional womenswear retailer they have opted for an uncomplicated, modest look. Doing so allows the sheer beauty of the clothing to speak for itself.  And shine through the page it does. Sometimes less is more. 

The Customer Experience

This store boasts an elegant, simple design that is ideal for framing such a stunning collection. It doesn’t depart from tradition, but still works well. An obvious and rapid customer journey from landing page to checkout makes navigating the site a breeze.

The Content

Outstanding supplementary content includes influencer collaborations, events, fashion tips and behind the scenes exclusives. That’s everything you need to get excited about the brand! The only thing it lacks is a button on the main navigation bar to take you to the content. 


(Image: Goodhood)

At the top of their game for over a decade, Goodhood are still one of the trendiest retailers around. Their effortless cool is reflected throughout their Shopify store.

The Customer Experience

Exquisitely curated, this site puts the user in mind of Pharrell Williams’ private collection. The perfect feel for a brand that treats their pieces with the reverence of fine art. Straightforward & fast, plenty of information and alternate shots are readily on show. Navigating the site is easy and it’s particularly quick to drive the customer to the checkout, without being pushy! 

The Content

Dedicated Insider & Feature Pages bring life and credibility to the stunning clothing. Goodhood’s mismatched tiling design on their Insider page is the ideal visual vehicle to showcase their new collaborative clothing lines.  



(Image: Finlay London)

This Italian influenced eyewear brand showcases its beautifully designed frames online and in store, and is absolutely rocking the omnichannel business model. Take note!

The Customer Experience

Showcases the product perfectly, whilst the prominent featuring of physical stores ensures that the online business does not detract from foot traffic. Very easy to use and a wide array of product information. The online store could benefit from more product recommendations along the journey. 

The Content

Great “stories” tab that enriches the experience with high society highlights & brand news. Collaborations also feature, with the likes of David Gandy and Soho House on board.

Fairfax & Favor

(Image: Fairfax & Co)

Quintessentially British luxury footwear & accessories are the focal point of superbly executed photography.

The Customer Experience

A sleek, stylish Shopify store that brings products to life. Topical homepage that leverages seasonal events to their advantage. No qualms with this, consistent user experience which may benefit from more suggested items. 

The Content

Stunning photography and a plethora of supplementary content helps the client feel that they really know the brand. There are dedicated tabs for company history, events and a blog, which do a brilliant job of contextualising the product.  

The Best Shopify Stores for Sportswear & Equipment

The crossover between sporting equipment, leisurewear, and lifestyle brands is currently at its apex. Being fit is not only great for your mental and physical health, but it’s also fashionable. Sporting brands are having to adapt at a breakneck speed to a dominant influencer culture. Attitudes are increasingly shifting towards sustainability and the need for personalization in a market that was once largely homogenised. Here are some of the brands that have adapted well to the ongoing changes.


(Image: Golfballnut.com)

A little out of left field huh? This used golf ball and accessories seller is one of the best Shopify stores on this list! It’s overt use of colour and branding is attention-grabbing and shows that the simplest marketing tactics sometimes have the greatest effect. 

The Customer Experience

Things needn’t be complicated. Brilliant, distinctive use of colour that complements the product. So well organised, so easy to get what we want. 

The Content

Strong, well advertised rewards program, but not much in the way of supplementary content. Then again, they’re selling golf balls, what else is there to say? 

Roka Sports

(Image: Roka Sports)

Athletic eyewear and swimwear brand Roka Sports is killing it with a store that both inspires and informs. 

The Customer Experience

Nothing short of brilliant. Interactive homepage that gives a lot of information in an unusual way. There is an incredibly useful mix of customer and media quotes that lend authenticity to the brand. The banner video, meanwhile, is an excellent advertisement for the USP of the product. 

The Content

Well leveraged professional athlete stories that sell the equipment better than any sales spiel ever could. 


(Image: Spikeball)

With over 4 million players and 150 + tournaments per year Spikeball is a fast growing sport & community. Incidentally, it’s also a great way to spend an afternoon in the sunshine! 

The Customer Experience

Similar to golfballnut, Spikeball makes brilliant use of colour to complement its electric yellow branding. We actually ended up buying a set, too,  so I’d say that’s testament to the experience we had! 

The Content 

Within the learn tab you’ll find everything you could possibly need to know about the sport. The only thing we’d like to see more of is content captured via social, of which there is plenty. 



A sportswear powerhouse for over 40 years, Decathlon’s Shopify store is a one-stop shop for all your sportswear needs.

The Customer Experience 

A clean, crisp, and inspirational homepage is the perfect platform to excite clients about the brand. The banner on the homepage makes the audience immediately aware of free shipping, returns, and in-store pick up. Fluid journey to checkout and well presented product.

The Content 

Fantastic array of content under the “Meet Decathlon” tab, however this could be used a little more organically throughout the site. 


(Image: Icelantic)

Cool, calm and collected ski brand Icelantic operates a Shopify store that is as fresh as the powder that their customers shred!

The Customer Experience 

Fantastic slideshow displaying flagship items and new collections, along with a simple design, make the layout aesthetically delightful. Videos are an integral part of the product pages and the detail is extensive. Links to a highly stylised VIMEO channel make it easy for the customer to see the product being used in its natural environment.  

The Content

SO MUCH CONTENT. But in no way overpowering. The homepage is almost entirely supplementary content and it serves brilliantly as a method of getting you excited about the product and the activity. 

Something that Icelantic does very well is differentiate their product. In addition to the beautiful design, they have shot a very creative video for the homepage, which indicates that their skis are ‘bombproof’. We can’t think of any other ski companies that are doing this! One of the best Shopify stores on this list in terms of content. 

The Best Shopify Stores for Home & Garden

It’s easier than ever for us to have sofas, beds, lawnmowers, chairs, or whatever else we need delivered straight to our door. There are a lot of similar selections to be found online. Consequently, brand identity is key. It’s imperative that there is a story, and a clear link between product and website design. That’s what allows users to immerse themselves in the brand. The following shopify stores either market their brand in a very clear and distinctive manner or tell the prospective user a compelling story.


(Image: Nebia)

A sleek concept with an admirable ethos, Nebia manufactures and sells a unique shower that, on average, saves 65% more water than a traditional alternative. 

The Customer Experience

An immersive and informative homepage tells you all you need to know about the product and why you should buy it. It doesn’t hurt matters, either, that the site looks extremely futuristic, too! Again, Nebia have done a stellar job of telling you exactly how you and the planet will benefit from their product. Those facts get hammered home at every stage of the customer journey. 

What Nebia has done well, is to recognise the reason that their customer wants this product. It isn’t so much about what the product does, but the benefits derived from using it. So they make you as an audience feel good about yourself; your purchase is saving the planet, and your purchase will save you money. Proof that knowing your customers is integral to launching a product.

The Content 

Not too much in the way of extra content, but not too much is needed. What little content that is provided gives you compelling reasons to buy. 


(Image: Caswell Massey)

America’s “original apothecary and perfumery since 1752”, Caswell – Massey’s Shopify store is traditional in all the right ways.

The Customer Experience

In a time where many ecommerce websites are minimalist and use a lot of cream, white and earth tones, Caswell Massey has really played to their brand heritage. It works, too. The crisp photography and unassuming typeface make you feel as though you could be standing at your grandmother’s dresser. 

Straightforward, detailed product descriptions and prominent use of reviews ensure that their brand is held in high regard. Everything assures the customer that they are buying from a company that has stood the test of time. 

The Content  

The colourful tiling of their Instagram feed at the bottom of the homepage is a welcome surprise. With over 15k followers, they are clearly making good use of the channel to drive traffic to their ecommerce store.

Growers House 

(Image: Grower’s House)

Hydroponics specialist Growers House have rocketed to success over the past five years thanks to an innovative product and distinct Shopify store.

The Customer Experience 

Big, bold branding. We like it. The site is extremely distinctive and reflective of the product; though the homepage may be a little busy for some. Navigation is smooth and even with a lot of information on display we had no issue flicking from product page to basket to checkout. 

The Content 

Huge amount of relevant content to be found on the About Growers House page. That includes links to a Youtube Channel and online forum. Growers House have really recognised that they can give extra value to their customers via tutorials and discussion boards, and are extending their reach by doing so. 

Noble House Home Furnishings

(Image: Noble House Home Furnishings)

A big player in the US furniture trade, Noble House’s Shopify store showcases the brand’s massive inventory in a neat and easy to use fashion.

The Customer Experience 

The main image on the homepage sets the tone well, and photography is attractively utilised throughout the site. A huge and professionally showcased inventory that is simple to navigate and provides plenty of information. 

The Content 

Primarily a B2B business, so not too much need for supplementary content. The focal point here is the product. 


(Image: Haus London)

Haus is a contemporary furniture and homeware brand with a Shopify store encapsulating minimalist design which marries well with the understated, modern products that they provide. 

The Customer Experience

Unfussy, uncluttered, and almost gallery-esque – an ideal reflection of the brand.  Joyous to look at, straightforward, and useful tips along the customer journey. Using this Shopify store was an absolute breeze. 

The Content 

The product is the star of the show here. We really think the store could benefit from an Instagram feed, though, to bring some of the homeware and furniture to life.

The Best Shopify Stores for Watches & Jewellery 

A recent report by Mintel estimated that the jewellery market hit £5.9 billion in value in 2019. Two thirds of the people surveyed had bought an item of jewellery or a watch within the past five years. Clearly, it’s a good time to be in the business. Yet, once again, we come across the issue of a heavily competitive marketplace, often with a similar product. So, how can you make your diamonds shine brighter than the competition? These brands are hitting the mark time and time again with their Shopify stores.

Jenny Bird 

(Image: Jenny Bird)

What began in 2008 as a boutique Canadian brand has grown significantly. Jenny Bird now carries a wide variety of collections that are popular with budding fashionistas across the globe. 

The Customer Experience

Oversized photography on a simple Shopify template is the ideal way to exhibit such elegant pieces of jewellery. Once again, the imagery does all the work. Multiple product shops and an uncomplicated interface ensure that it’s a breeze for customers. 

The Content

Third party content is used to superb effect here. A lot of the brand’s Instagram feed is dedicated to showcasing the product via real life customers; not models. And it works. They’ve created a community of 65k followers that shares, exhibits, and reviews their product without having to lift a finger!  

Liv Watches

(Image: Liv Watches)

A direct to consumer luxury microbrand that offers limited edition, swiss-made watches at a fraction of the cost of big brand alternatives. 

The Customer Experience

Choosing to showcase their craft side by side with the resulting products was a brilliant idea. The homepage is an eye catching mixture of reviews, marketing collateral, and product shots. One of the best on this list. Superbly presented information, speedy and logical customer journey. Magnifique! 

The Content

Exquisite storytelling and behind the scenes access breathe life into this brand. Pay particular attention to how they have emphasised the quality of the craft and product via a YouTube channel that has garnered almost 20k views on some videos. This is another relevant way of differentiating your product. If it’s handmade or if you use exclusive materials, let your customers know. 


(Image: Carat London)

CEO Scott Thompson’s journey began in Italy in 2003. It took him all the way to the Far East, where he found himself alongside traditional stonecutters, learning the craft of cutting and polishing by hand. It was this artistry that inspired the Carat collection which is now available at hundreds of jewellers across the globe, from Shanghai to London. 

The Customer Experience 

A mismatched tiling effect on the homepage is the ideal way to present different styles and types of jewellery. The header image is also effectively utilised.  As good a customer journey as any, with lots of different engagement points along the way. 

The Content 

The extensive photography and video clips are nothing short of beautiful. The addition of the celebrity section, too, is yet another third party endorsement to help nudge prospective customers to that purchase decision.

King Ice

(Image: King Ice)

For over a decade, King Ice has been a leading industry tastemaker. The brand creates premium wearable art that bridges the gap between artist, culture, and people. They have a Shopify store with a suitably big personality to match their brand. 

The Customer Experience

A large feature image and homepage interspersed with great bits of content, such as an Instagram feed and celebrity collaborations. Simple to use and brilliant product transparency, with reviews on each product page, and an easy route to checkout.

The Content 

Extensive and well curated lookbook section and a colourful instagram feed that hinges on influencer and customer content. If you’re looking to up your following on Instagram, then take a page from this brand’s book and try to emulate that massive 363k following!

The Best Shopify Stores that give back 

These Shopify stores are different. In a retail space that is often focused on profit and market share, they manage to maintain their presence and give back to the planet, their customers, and their community. And what’s good for the environment is good for your brand.

A recent survey from Nosto found that 32% of consumers would pay more for a product from a brand that they believe is committed to sustainability. So it pays to be green! Without further ado, here are some of the brands that have a positive impact on the world. 


(Image: 4Ocean)

Too often, businesses can be less than transparent about their environmental policies. 4Ocean, meanwhile, pulls a pound of trash from the ocean for each product purchased. Although technically not a nonprofit, a great deal of the brand’s revenue is reinvested in expanding and optimizing their operational performance.

The Customer Experience

Clear and actionable messaging, alongside startling imagery such as that shown by the main shot above. It is a unique Shopify store in that the product is almost secondary to the brand messaging. Having recovered almost 8.4 million pounds of trash from the world’s oceans in less than 3 years, though, the message is being received loud and clear! Frequent calls to action and well placed statistics drive the customer to make a purchase in an efficient manner. “Shop Now + Pull a Pound” is one of the most effective CTA’s we’ve seen anywhere. 

The Content

Informative and emotive content is employed to good effect, amplifying their brand message. Similar to Nebia, 4Ocean utilises timely reminders of the positive effects that you are having on the planet by engaging with their brand. 

Nobody’s Child

(Image: Nobody’s Child)

Fashion brand Nobody’s Child focuses on minimising the environmental impact that their clothes have, and ensuring that their pieces are designed with longevity in mind. 

The Customer Experience

Brilliant product pages that hinge on oversized photography and a lookbook style layout. 

This is an easily navigable site that provides a straightforward route to checkout.

The Content 

A well executed Instagram page makes use of customer content to drive awareness of the brand and traffic to the website. 

Help for Heroes 

(Image: Help for Heroes)

The Customer Experience

Brilliant, clear branding and a well organised homepage that makes it easy for customers to donate in a variety of different ways. The main toolbar allows for navigation to a dedicated shop, donation page, and support pages.

The Content 

A truly unique use of an Instagram page. Help for Heroes uses multiple Instagram posts to form larger, more impactful pictures. A dedicated news tab is filled with helpful guides for those in need, and recovery stories of people who have benefited from donations and support.

The Best Shopify Stores for Babycare

With total spending on baby products in the US alone last year eclipsing $25 billion, it’s safe to say that there is a significant amount of money to be made in catering to the little ones!  As with other marketplaces, there is a lot of crossover in terms of product functionality and price, so it pays to be competitive on aesthetic. These Shopify stores excel in their use of content marketing and all have a suitably distinctive branding to set them apart from their competitors.

Natural Baby Shower

(Image: Natural Baby Shower)

The Customer Experience

Smartly leverage their Trustpilot review score on the homepage to encourage customer trust and brand transparency. Extensive toolbar and creative use of the tiling effect further down the page to showcase their flagship products. 

The Content 

Unusual in that everything you could possibly want to know is on their homepage, yet it doesn’t feel at all cluttered. Clear links to their blog which is full of useful buying guides. Their charity work and sustainability policy feature prominently on the page, too, which gives their audience an indication as to the ethics of the brand. Natural Baby Shower also makes use of a customer Instagram feed for third party feedback. 

Daisy Baby Shop

(Image: Daisy Baby Shop)

The Customer Experience

The slideshow banner on the homepage is a creative way of keeping customers informed of new offers and product launches. It’s also a useful tool to promote lines that are perhaps not selling as well as you’d like. The bottom section of this banner does a lot to assure the customer of the brand reputation. It does so by citing thousands of happy customers, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Content 

The use of Pinterest boards caters perfectly to the brand’s market. Elsewhere, the product pages are a good source of inspiration with a plethora of images, information, and supplementary recommendations.

Posh Peanut

(Image: Posh Peanut)

The Customer Experience

Like a winning mixture of Daisy Baby Shop and Natural Baby Shower. Posh Peanut opts for slideshow images to advertise new collections and, a little further down the page, their brand promises of “mommy tested and baby approved” and “breathable, lightweight and eco friendly”. Simple product pages once again contain an abundance of information and compelling reasons for the customer to buy.

The Content 

An exemplary soft-sell blog that focuses on providing useful support and information on everything from dealing with anxiety to the pros and cons of homeschooling. This is an impactful yet understated way of strengthening the relationship between the brand and its audience. A large Instagram feed on the homepage is also used to good effect, as well as a brand story video to boost engagement. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the best Shopify stores out there. There are many more to be discovered, but we hope that this list has given you some insight into a few of the strategies that successful Shopify stores have utilised. Be that brilliant supplementary content across Instagram & YouTube, or a wonderful ecommerce website aesthetic. Perhaps it has sparked some ideas as to how you can become more competitive within your own industry, or alter your business strategy to drive awareness, demand and sales.