Faster-than-ever Fulfilment At The Flex Company

Flex Fit

One of the biggest challenges for modern e-commerce companies is being able to get orders out of the door quicker than you can say ‘Amazon’.

But menstrual products brand The Flex Company have smashed it – and, even if we do say it ourselves, it’s all thanks to Brightpearl

The fast-growing multi-channel business, which launched in 2016 with a revolutionary new product – a disposable menstrual disc – is able to process orders TWICE as fast since implementing our purpose-built Retail Operations System

The company’s SVP of Supply Chain, Aaron Alpeter, credits Brightpearl’s powerful, designed-for-retail features – including our market-leading Automation Engine – for the uptick in productivity. 

“The Automation engine is one of the best Brightpearl features,” said Aaron. 

“We now automate all order routing. So, for example, if inventory is low in one warehouse we automatically reroute orders to get fulfilled in another warehouse and also automatically upgrade the shipping so it still arrives when we promised it would. 

“This is something that we previously would have done manually – and would have taken lots of time.

“Our team is definitely more productive – they’re around twice as fast at processing orders now.”

With 100% year-on-year growth, The Flex Company has expanded rapidly – and now has a team of eight and revenue that tops $4 million. 

The brand has successful Shopify-Plus powered websites for DTC trade in both the US and UK. Its range of menstrual products also retail at Target, CVS and Walgreens and via marketplaces, including Amazon.

With a huge range of native Plug & Play integrations, plus a trusted partner network and deep API access, Brightpearl was rapidly deployed for The Flex Company – and immediately had a huge impact on the brand’s post-purchase operations.

“Brightpearl’s ability to integrate with our existing tech stack – including Shopify Plus, Klaviyo and QuickBooks – and to stitch together the different elements of our business has been central to our journey.

“Brightpearl has stitched everything together, it’s given us flexibility and resilience. I’d say it’s been a powerful factor in our growth.

“With Brightpearl, we feel confident about continued growth and an exciting future.”

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