Furniture Ecommerce Retailer Leader Stores Shares Tips for Success

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As you might already know, here at Brightpearl we help retailers grow as a whole – assisting you with your orders, inventory, accounting, customer data, and much much more. In saying this, it also means that we are lucky enough to work with a variety of different businesses, who sell great products. As everyone’s story is unique, we’d like to introduce you to Gary Murray, Ecommerce manager at Leader Stores, who is willing to share what he has learned in his endeavor to grow a successful business.


“Brightpearl’s analytics gives us the ability to create customizable reports that deliver the insights we need to make performance-driven business decisions right down to the product level,”

Gary Murray, Ecommerce Manager, Leader Stores


Leader Stores is known for helping their customers turn a house into a home, at unbeatable prices, dealing from home improvement supplies, to decorating products. Since its growth, Leader Stores have created three different web stores to reflect the array of products it offers online, managing multiple websites that attract thousands of visitors daily and thousands of orders per month.


“Before Brightpearl we were physically having to check what stock we had in the warehouse and sometimes things simply didn’t add up. Pricing was also a tedious task – to update prices across all of our sales channel meant someone having to go in and manually updating each channel one by one. It just wasn’t an efficient process.”


For us at Brightpearl, supporting and helping businesses is something we as a business pride ourselves in. Hearing about companies such as the Leader Stores, and their successful growth is something for us to be excited about!


“Brightpearl is exactly what we’ve been searching for!”


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