Grow Fearlessly: a new mantra for Brightpearl and its customers

Grow Fearlessly

You might have noticed that Brightpearl has had a refresh of it’s brand recently, and I wanted to provide an update on why that is. 

But first, some context: 

Our customers are constantly evolving and facing new challenges. They are grappling with the crush of complexity that rapid growth and expansion brings, keeping them from reaching their full potential.

As businesses scale and expand – whether it’s growing sales, expanding into new markets, or a changing tech stack, operations demand more attention and resources. And that has both an emotional and an opportunity cost. 

Unfortunately, retail technology providers haven’t always been fast to respond to the needs of their customers or willing to provide the choice and flexibility to integrate and upgrade the selling channels and best of breed applications they desperately need to run a modern eCommerce experience.

Merchants want to be able to scale their businesses without being limited by workflows or technology providers, they want to be able to meet customers’ rapidly evolving expectations and manage different channels, markets or brands. But the majority of technology partners available limit growth and innovation, rather than support it. 

We want to provide a differentiated option to fast-growth and enterprise-level merchants that are grappling with the complexity that comes alongside rapid growth and expansion, but want to retain nimbleness and choice in how they operate. 

Brightpearl has spent a great deal of time over the past year working with hundreds of merchants so we could develop a stronger brand identity that resonates with the challenges and needs of modern retailers and allows us to communicate with them more effectively and intuitively. 

Today, we are excited to re-launch Brightpearl as a Retail Operating System (ROS) for commerce businesses who want to Grow Fearlessly.

Grow Fearlessly is NOT a tagline. It runs to the heart of what we do and guides our product strategy and development, alongside our culture and ethos. 

We remove the day-to-day pain points and limitations our customers experience so customers can Grow Fearlessly. We do it with a Retail Operating System that automates the back office and is built for hyper scalability, so our customers can curate a changing roster of tools in a fast, seamless and cost-effective way.

For merchants, Brightpearl’s ROS now offers a brand new way for companies operating in a hyper scalable commerce environment, so they can stop being held back by legacy software and focus instead on growth and innovation.

Our new identity reflects the central role our operating system will play in the evolving ecommerce marketplace, with a market-leading approach that embraces uniqueness and differentiation and understands that “functionality fit for everyone” will not be enough. 

In this new era, Brightpearl offers commerce businesses the flexibility to scale and evolve on their own terms, No more reliance on cookie-cutter, one-size fits all strategies from a single vendor

It’s time to Grow Fearlessly. 

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