Help For Heroes Joins Forces With Brightpearl to Defeat Inefficiency

Help for Heroes

Help For Heroes is probably best known for its range of wristbands, t-shirts, homeware and other merchandise that help raise funds for the charity’s vital work.

After starting out with a range of just nine products, the charity now sells more than 500 items – with all proceeds used to provide expert support and care to those wounded or injured whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.

The charity called in back up from Brightpearl after its digital presence rapidly grew and it started struggling to keep up with the volume of orders from its Shopify Plus website and online marketplaces including eBay and Amazon.

With its peak season rapidly approaching, Brightpearl went live for Help For Heroes Trading in under two months – an implementation time that knocks spots off ERPs and other platforms, which can take years to set up. 

And the impact has been huge – orders are now processed 30% faster and many time-consuming manual processes have successfully been automated. 

A spokesperson for the charity said: “Brightpearl’s WMS allowed Help for Heroes to streamline fulfilment processes such as automated generation of carrier labels via integration with Shiptheory and the move to using barcode scanning for put-away, picking and packing. 

“All of this has helped to make these processes approximately 30% faster and more efficient.”

Online demand has continued to increase for the charity – peak order volumes are up by more than a third year-on-year – but having Brightpearl in place has meant there’s been almost no system downtime.

With deep API access, a huge range of Plug & Play integrations, a powerful Automation Engine, an accurate Inventory Planner and a best in class selection of other built-for-retail features, Brightpearl is the perfect long-term partner for Help For Heroes Trading. 

Do you run a fast-growing charity that sells merchandise? 

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