Introducing your new favorite YouTube channel: Retail 90

Retail 90 - retail industry insights

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes launching a brand new YouTube channel, called Retail 90, which is all about exactly what you’d expect – retail. And we’re so pleased with this new project, that we just couldn’t wait to share the news with you!

In short, snappy, bite sized videos, we share tips, news and insights with you about the retail industry, aimed to help you grow your business. These insights include our best advice plus exclusive interviews with retail experts, business owners and thought leaders.

New episodes are uploaded to YouTube every Thursday. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you want a reminder!

From learning about ecommerce websites, to how you can combat organized retail crime in your store, to how virtual reality could change the industry, and everything in between, we think you will love these new videos.

For a sneak peek on what we have in store for you, check out this intro video:


Meet the Retail 90 team

For an insider’s look into who’s behind the Retail 90 project, here are some quick fire facts about the team:

Tom Mullett is our Host, ahem, we mean our star – expect to see his face…a lot! When not in front of the camera, Tom is busy ensuring Brightpearl customers know the latest news and company information via the Brightpearl monthly newsletter, various emails, community forums and much more.

Francis Beaumier is our Filmmaker Extraordinaire. He’s responsible for filming and editing every single video we launch, so he’s a pretty important man. He even wears a baseball cap just like the Hollywood directors do so you know he’s serious! When not behind the camera, he’s busy writing and sending all Brightpearl emails, and doing yet more filming (including various Brightpearl product videos, like this one).

Danielle Ricketts is our Captain and Producer. She organizes the team and basically runs the show. When not driving the team forward, she’s busy developing the Brightpearl content and social media strategies and writing blogs and guides.

And… me (Justine Cross)Script Writer. Without me, Tom would likely just stand there with his mouth hanging open. When not writing scripts, you can find me writing away about all things retail and business related on the Brightpearl blog, partner blogs, retail guides and whatever else needs writing at the time.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Retail?

And without further adieu, you can find our first official episode below about virtual reality and what impact it could have on the retail industry in the future.

Now you’ve heard what we have to say, we’d love to hear your thoughts – is virtual reality the future of retail? Feel free to comment on the video, or in the comments section below.


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Additionally, although we like to think we come up with pretty cool topics to cover, we’re always on the lookout for feedback. If you’d like to see us cover a particular topic or theme, let us know by commenting below, on a video, or by messaging us on Facebook.

And finally, if you see us exploring retail events or hitting high streets near you, come say “Hi!”