Lightning 50 spotlight: FurnitureBox Stacks Up Achievements With Brightpearl

Online homeware brand FurnitureBox saw a phenomenal 267% growth throughout the pandemic with the help of Brightpearl’s powerful Automation Engine and intuitive Demand Planner tool – leading the Wiltshire-based retailer to win Fastest Growing Business in the South West (according to Brightpearl’s Lightning 50).

We’re always willing to pay for tech. If growth is maintained by tech stack investments, then the tech stack investments pay for themselves. – James Ewens, Head of E-Commerce at FurnitureBox.

Ditching books for bookcases 

FurnitureBox was the brainchild of Monty and Dan, two savvy teenagers who dropped their university plans to fill a gap in the online furniture industry. They launched FurnitureBox with a clear mission: to deliver modern, high-quality furniture to an online market in rapid time. Now Monty and Dan are successful CEOs in their twenties while FurnitureBox has made thousands of happy customers, greatly expanded their product range and grown into a thriving and popular e-commerce brand.

When the pieces don’t fit

After seeing rapid success in a couple of short years, FurnitureBox wanted bigger warehouse space, more sales channels and a wider range of products. As is often the case with successful startups, the disjointed logistics of fast growth became a problem. The bulk of operations were conducted via separate spreadsheets, there was no courier integration, and the change of process that came with each new sales channel was tedious and time-consuming. The team needed a hub; something to bring all their operations into one place – so they chose Brightpearl to act as their central source of truth. 

An ROS that’s a part of the furniture

Brightpearl’s flexible, made-for-retail features transformed the day-to-day operations for FurnitureBox. The purpose-built Automation Engine automates processes such as orders, warehouse and inventory management, shipping and fulfillment, meaning errors are reduced and key team members are free to focus on growing the business. Brightpearl’s automated PO dropshipping has allowed the brand to expand their product range from 4,000 to 11,000 products, while the automatic shipping and delivery mapping saves staff hundreds of hours of time. 

Most notably, Brightpearl enabled FurnitureBox to thrive during the pandemic-induced sales surges of 2020, as the intuitive Demand Planner tool meant the team could confidently manage their stock levels and make data-driven forecasting decisions in high-pressure moments.

Demand Planner has been everything – absolutely everything. We couldn’t have managed the pandemic and achieved such growth without it. – James Ewens, Head of E-Commerce at FurnitureBox.

The brand now holds the title of ‘Fastest-growing Business in the South West’. That’s according to Brightpearl’s Lightning 50 — the league table of the UK’s fastest-growing companies, which also featured FurnitureBox as a top-three homeware brand.

The Lightning 50 ranking is like a point of validation that we’ve done the right things,” said James Ewens, Head of E-Commerce at FurnitureBox.

“From signing up with Brightpearl as our operating system to expanding our sales channels, we’ve made some key decisions that have played a huge role in our success.”

Key Takeaways

  • Brightpearl’s ROS is built for hyper-scalability and seamlessly handled the brand’s 267% growth during the pandemic
  • Automated workflows – saves the team ‘hundreds of hours’ 
  • The data-driven insights gained through Demand Planner has provided FurnitureBox with more informed forecasting decisions, fuelling growth and giving them a competitive edge 
  • Won ‘Fastest Growing Business in South West’, according to Brightpearl’s Lightning 50

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