Listen: Strategies for Streamlining Your eCommerce Operation and Automating 100+ Hours a Month of Data Entry

Founded in 1988, Honour has been in business for more than 30 years. The team originally began selling lingerie and gothic clothing from its Waterloo-based store in London, before moving into more strictly fetish-based clothing, toys and accessories. 

Today, the flagship store in Waterloo is still going strong, and, as its customer base has grown rapidly over the years – so has the brand. Honour now trades across its Shopify-powered consumer website, a wholesale website, as well as several marketplaces, including Amazon, and stocks more than 10,000 products for its sexually adventurous customer base.

As an early adopter of ecommerce, Honour had built its technology stack around a legacy provider, rather than a cloud-based and integratable system, and this was becoming a major issue for the business as it grew. The team needed to streamline and automate its operation – and do so rapidly. 

On this week’s episode of the Winning with Shopify podcast, Joe Xuereb, Director of Honour appears to talk through these challenges as well as the changes the business has seen throughout the years, and why they are delighted to have finally ditched manual workarounds – automating and streamlining the entire ecommerce workstream and saving the team 28 hours a week on data entry alone. 

“We use as much automation as we can, and it’s a huge benefit of the Brightpearl platform. We automate all of our invoices, orders and shipping processes and we’ve seen a major impact on the speed and efficiency of our operation, while transforming our customer service.”

–  Joe Xuereb, Director, Honour

Listen to the full episode of Winning with Shopify here

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