3 Must Know Marketing Tips for Wholesalers

Want to accelerate your brand visibility and sales? Look no further than amplifying your marketing strategies. When it comes to gaining attention for your wholesale business, every detail counts. Fortunately, there are great ways to help increase your brand recognition and along the way, sales, as well.

Tip #1: Maintain and retain existing clients

Undoubtedly there is always a goal among businesses to capture new customers, but the reality is that maintaining and retaining customers is just – if not more – important for wholesalers to consider.

This is particularly important when you factor in the competition among brands nowadays – and the ease it takes for a retailer to introduce a new wholesaler to their business in exchange of letting go of another one.

With orders, re-orders and billing easily managed thanks to software and mobile capabilities, it’s important to ensure your brand delivers on the convenience that retailers expect nowadays – and as a result, help to nurture and keep existing client relationships.

Other points to consider here include how often you communicate with existing clients on new inventory, promotional opportunities and incentives that may apply uniquely to their business and more.

This TLC is appreciated by retailers – especially when it shows they can capture savings on inventory ordered or ease of their shipping and other inventory needs. Collectively, your goal should be to streamline all client communication so that they not only enjoy your products but also enjoy the operational necessities of working with your brand, as well.

Tip #2: Offer flexible options when it comes to payment, shipments and more

Want to really show your customers just how much you appreciate them? Offer them flexibility on the terms that matter most to them.

From payment options, to shipping choices, to omnichannel sales strategies and more, retailers expect the brands they work with to accommodate the variations and complexities in their businesses.

It doesn’t have to be – and shouldn’t be – complicated, though.

By incorporating automated, intelligent software into your wholesale management, you can deliver ease and convenience to your retailers on a variety of levels – ultimately helping to strengthen your brand sales.

Still not sure just how to do this? Check out Brightpearl’s wholesale management solution which integrates all your sales channels, CRM, warehouse, inventory and supply chain in a single system, helping to avoid the data silos that often plague so many wholesale businesses.

Tip #3: Introduce ecommerce to your selling strategy

As a wholesaler, you have the luxury to also be a retailer. When you introduce ecommerce into your marketing and sales strategy, you welcome the opportunity to gain increased SEO, increased visibility and increased sales.

The catch?

It’s not always easy to welcome yet another channel of distribution to manage… unless, of course, you’re using the right software to do this.

When it comes to marketing, there is no better way to be efficient in your efforts than to streamline your operational overhead. Using software that can manage your ecommerce efforts in combination with your client efforts is essential. Explore more of this here.

Final Thoughts

Finally, don’t overlook the good, old-fashioned realities of marketing when it comes to your wholesale business.

Having brand consistency across all touchpoints where your brand is represented – including social media, your website, online review sites, email communication and more – is always important, as is having a strong customer service strategy in place for both front-facing and behind-the-scene employees.

After all, when it comes to nurturing your business, technology can only do so much. It will still take a human touch to truly identify and lead your company in the right direction… beginning with the choice to introduce the right technology to help along the way.

Explore how Brightpearl may be right for your wholesale business here!

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