More Top Tips for Retail Success: Grow Faster with an Omnichannel Strategy

Benefit of multiple sales channels

We speak to our 1000+ retail and wholesale customers every day and they are generous enough to share their secrets for success with us. We also see the common traits of our fastest growing customers.  We recently distilled this into a simple list of hot tips for retail success.

If you’re in the US why not join our live webinar to find out more – you can register here. Otherwise you can hear a recording of our UK discussion and get your hands on our infographics here.

To give you a flavor of what you’ll learn here’s one of our hot tips. Our most successful customers have put in place an omnichannel retail strategy. And when I say more successful I mean, much more successful.  Our research shows that Brightpearl customers that have multiple sales channels grow 33% compared to 8% for those with just one.

Source: Brightpearl Customer Survey 2016

But all too often retailers are put off opening up additional sales channels because they are concerned about the hassle and added admin this will add to their business. You don’t need to be. Put in place the right discipline from the beginning on things like inventory management and you will find it much easier to add on new channels like Amazon, eBay or another ecommerce store. 

The key element that has meant our customers have done so well is that they know that they can consolidate the management (including the shipping process) of their online and physical stores in one place – Brightpearl. We give customers a single view of their whole business and all their inventory. No more worrying about overselling. No more switching in and out of different management systems (or maintaining hideous spreadsheets).

If you haven’t given omnichannel serious consideration – take another look today. We’d be happy to share our experience and show you how Brightpearl can help make it easier to exploit the opportunity of becoming omnichannel. Speak to a specialist today.