This Is How Booming Baby Business, Natural Baby Shower, Revived Its Warehouse Efficiency [Video]

Natural Baby Shower Video still

Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of inspiring, innovative and exciting brands. They regularly tell us their stories about how Brightpearl has made them more efficient, enabled them to focus more time on growth, and optimized accuracy within their business.

Earlier this year, we had the fortune to visit Natural Baby Shower, a booming business selling organic, natural and ethically-made baby products via their Shopify Plus website, multiple online marketplaces and brick and mortar store, all of which are powered by their two warehouses through Brightpearl.

On the day, Natural Baby Shower shared with us how their warehousing efficiency has been born again with Brightpearl WMS, our powerful integrated warehouse management system.

Here’s what they had to say:

Prior to using Brightpearl, Natural Baby Shower were spending too much time on manual processes and tasks:

“We pride ourselves on sourcing the best natural, organic and ethically-made products. Having the time to actually source great new products was difficult when we were spending so much time trying to manage the business logistically. It was really important for us to find the right system which would help us manage our business and serve our customers better.” – Victoria Hampson, Director

“We used to come in in the morning and print out all of our goods notes, walk around the warehouse looking at SKUs and then manually match them up, remembering where they were located so it was really time consuming.” – Lauren Pearce, Dispatch Worker

But with Brightpearl and its integrated WMS in place, the Natural Baby Shower team say:

“Brightpearl’s warehousing had everything we were looking for. It enables us to keep track of our inventory in real-time so we know exactly how much we have at any given moment. Brightpearl has really revolutionized our warehouse management.” – Tanisha Prince, Customer Service Advisor

“Brightpearl’s warehousing saves us a lot of time when we’re picking our orders and has reduced mispicks significantly. Compared to before, our stocktakes and inventory counts are twice as fast now and a lot smoother. We just zap everything and because all our barcodes are on the system, it tallies them up for us. We used to have a manual tally chart which led to human error. We’re a lot more accurate now.” – Lauren Pearce, Dispatch Worker 

To find out more about Natural Baby Shower and their WMS journey, you can take a look at their written customer story here.

And if you think you’re ready to start seeing the same level of warehouse efficiency as Natural Baby Shower are, then get in touch with us today to find out more.