Out Now: Your Unmissable Guide to Demand Planning for Peak Season

Black Friday and peak season should be a time for making bank and winning new customers – but it will hit different this year.

Market shifts, supply chain issues and unpredictable consumer behavior prompted by rising living costs mean getting your inventory levels just right will be a major challenge.

Old-fashioned guesswork which might have got you through before is now too risky. You could easily end up tying up too much cash in ‘safety stock’ that doesn’t sell or running out of stock and

losing revenue – either of which could prove disastrous during such a challenging period.

Stockouts, hard to shift excess stock, delays and rapidly rising prices are causing cash flow chaos for retailers everywhere, with up to 85% impacted in the last 12 months.

So what can you do to ensure your demand planning for this year’s peak season is accurate, reliable and risk-free?

There are steps you can take to maximize your peak season profit and avoid being caught out. 

They’re all revealed in our brand new guide: Demand Planning for Peak Season: 7 Ways to End Stockouts AND Avoid Being Left With Excess Stock.

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📊 How to better take advantage of sales trends as the holiday season approaches 

💰 Clever tactics for accurate holiday predictions – even during unpredictable times – to help you optimize cash flow 

💡 How to dodge costly stockouts and overstocked warehouses using cutting-edge tech 

And lots more…

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