The Power of SEO and Automation: Highlights from our Birmingham Meetup


At our first customer meet up of 2017, Brightpearl retailers came together to share insights, swap stories and enjoy some good food and drink. A huge thank you to everyone who attended, for those who couldn’t make it this time around, we’ve compiled some of the highlights of the evening below.

We were joined by our partners, Kumo, who shared their top tips on SEO in ecommerce. The presentation was packed full with interesting insights, here are the top lessons we learned:

1. Always write your own product descriptions

Some ecommerce websites populate their product pages by using information feeds provided by their product suppliers, including product descriptions, pricing, images etc. Every other website owner using the same feed supplied by your product supplier is also displaying the exact same content. This causes off-site duplication with your own website. To avoid this ensure you always write your own product description.

2. Avoid duplication

It is not only off-site product feeds which can cause duplication and impact SEO. Competing for the same keywords on multiple pages with similar content can hinder your google ranking. Having the same blocks of content repeated on multiple pages throughout your website could cause google to lower your ranking.

3. Make sure you include enough content on your product pages

Word count is really important when it comes to SEO. Google evaluates the quality of your website pages using its Panda algorithm – it’s designed to lower the rank of ‘low content’ websites and strengthen the rank of ‘high content’ websites.

You can watch the presentation in full here:

We also sent along some of the team to share the latest goings on at Brightpearl HQ. This time around we were all about automation, and those who attended were lucky enough to get live demo of our upcoming automation tool.

We firmly believe that automated retail is the key to success, it can make processes more efficient and save money on staffing, our slides from the evening show why. 

We are always looking for partners and customers to get involved with our events, so if you’ve got something you’d like to share within our retail community, please get in touch.