Three reasons you need to automate your ecommerce orders – right now!

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Ecommerce is thriving – according to our latest ‘How We’ll Shop’ study, 78% of consumers will buy online more frequently over the next 12 months. So, abundant new opportunities are being presented in the market. 

However, these opportunities also bring about challenges in order processing that can only be met with flexible digital operations which allow you to automate your workflows as much as possible. And, with order processing being the core, high volume workflow that acts as the heart of your business, ensuring efficiencies here allows you to enable rapid adjustments to demand and business scale. 

In this blog, we’ll outline three key reasons why you should be automating ecommerce orders, and doing so asap….

Slick Customer Communications  

The modern online shopper has come to expect a high level of visibility on the status of their orders, due in large part to the service levels of Amazon and other large retailers. A key step to providing this visibility is sending a customer an update when their order has shipped. This update should explain which shipper has dispatched the order and provide the associated tracking number. 

Failing to provide information can lead to your phone, inbox, or support staff being flooded with “where’s my order?!” questions. However, logging into multiple sales channels and copy-pasting tracking numbers from a shipper’s website is not a great use of time. This is a problem that can easily be solved through automation. 

Using a tool like Brightpearl along with ShipStation or Shiptheory, allows you to completely automate the process of alerting your customer of successful order shipment, meaning they are always in the know. Once an item has been shipped in ShipStation or Shiptheory, the tracking reference number is automatically passed to Brightpearl, and then relayed to the connected sales channel such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, or eBay. 

Take The Hassle Out of Multichannel Selling 

Selling on multiple sales channels can quickly cause headaches for rapidly growing retailers, especially when trying to manage each area manually. This can become an impossible task of maintaining accurate inventory levels across your channels, without one single location to store data. This is the pain point that can often cause orders being missed, wrongly placed, or overselling – resulting in disappointed customers. 

However, having this process automated and synchronized means you don’t need to spend time logging into each individual ecommerce admin area to process or download orders. Instead, everything can be recorded in one central ‘hub’ for easy access and visibility. 

Speed, Speed, Speed!

As consumer habits continue to change, and extend heightened demand outside of traditional ‘peaks’, businesses need to be aware of their requirement to constantly evolve.

Invariably this comes down to speed. Customers want their orders quicker and this means retailers need to find solutions to ensure they can process eCommerce orders not only more quickly, but more safely too. When it comes to shipping speed – automation can improve this exponentially, allowing a brand to present itself as a viable alternative to giants like Amazon.

By strategically implementing automation into retail operation supply chains you can work continuously without having to delay deliveries and, stay true to customer expectations. Furthermore, you’ll shave hours from your processes every week and reduce human errors. With efficiently automated workflows, you’ll be able to adjust to market shifts and grasp new opportunities faster. 

There you have it. Three reasons you need to automate your ecommerce orders – life is too short not to!

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