Watch: Life is Short, Let’s Automate!

If the last year has shown us anything, it’s that time is precious – and it’s best spent doing the things we love.

Sadly, we frequently hear from companies that they are finding all their valuable time is being sucked up by laborious, time-consuming and monotonous tasks. 

The GOOD news is that with Brightpearl’s Automation Engine, you can automatically manage everything in your business – from order processing to inventory and shipping. Our customers save TWO MONTHS every year on average by embracing automation – and so could you.

They also see a range of other huge benefits, as the graphic below highlights! 

Our customers have stopped wasting hundreds of hours of time on data entry, and started spending it on the things they care about most. So could you…

If you’re finding you don’t have  enough hours in the day to grow your business, please do check out our short film and get inspired by Brightpearl customers who’ve shifted time from repetitive manual work to things that are far more fun – and have seen incredible time and efficiency-related benefits as a result.

Life is short, and it’s better spent on the things you love.

Let’s Automate.