We’ve Updated Our Name (And Nothing Else)

If you’ve visited our website, you might think we’ve gone through a little transformation. But the truth is, we’re staying exactly the same.

We’ve changed our name. But that’s all we’ve changed.

And this month, we are bringing that new name out into the big wide world.

Today, we become ‘Brightpearl by Sage’ (though still Brightpearl to our friends!)

“Why are you changing it?”

This update better reflects our retail strength and the scale, brand and financial expertise of Sage, our parent company. We think we’re better together, and this new name symbolises that. 

 “Does this mean you’re changing?”


We aren’t changing what we do. And we aren’t changing how we help businesses like yours.

We’re still the same team, giving you the same expert service and we’ll still be doing the same thing: bringing innovative solutions that allow merchants to save time, deliver outstanding experiences, and grow fearlessly. 

We’ve just had a little makeover. Brightpearl by Sage is the next evolution of who we are, and we’re excited for that journey.