Which Industries Are Doing Well Right Now?

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We’re currently hearing a lot on the demise of the global economy, and how retail is suffering as a whole, but there are certain sectors of the retail industry that are thriving.

The change in consumer habits will certainly bring about problems for those companies who are not able to deploy a DTC model and are reliant on brick and mortar stores, but many pre existing brands who are able to sell online are incurring demand like never before.

Sex Sells!

With the absence of any sort of nightlife, dating scene or public workout spaces, it would appear that a healthy proportion of the global population is turning to the oldest form of entertainment! As of the beginning of April, British company Ann Summers had reported a 27 percent increase in the sale of sex toys compared to this time last year. Whilst in Germany, condom manufacturer Ritex sold almost 13 million condoms last month, up 50% from the same month in 2019.

But it isn’t just the big brands that are doing well out of this, there has been a boom for ‘sextech’ startups since lockdown began. Spanish app Emjoy has seen an 160% increase in usage whilst a similar UK app Ferly has reported a 65% rise in organic daily downloads, clearly sex is on the brain for a lot of us that are stuck indoors.

Old School Communication

Unless you are on the front lines of the fight, it’s probably safe to say that your daily life is less hectic. No commute, no meetings across town, no need to top up the car with petrol. Consequently, many of us have had more time to communicate with our loved ones and are exploring different ways of doing so, particularly via the medium of sending cards.

3D card manufacturer Lovepop is doing well as they have seen increased demand in certain areas, and their flexible, DTC model and supply chain has allowed them to quickly respond to shifts in demand. Lovepop are also supporting the healthcare industry in a major way, creating face shields and hospital gowns using their laser cutting technology. Greeting card giant Moonpig have seen their sales in the UK soar by 156% in recent months, though it has increased delivery time significantly.

One For The Road

During the first week of the UK lockdown, Naked Wines reported their highest order volume outside of the Christmas holidays since the company was founded 12 years ago. This has been one of the more obvious trends across the UK, with Majestic Wines having to temporarily stop taking orders due to excess demand and the likes of Laithwaites also extending delivery times.

Meanwhile, stateside, the figures confirm much the same thing. Alcohol sales in general were up 22% in the final week of March compared to the same week in 2019, and online alcohol sales skyrocketed by 291%.

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