Unlike generic systems, we are focused on retail. Brightpearl groups all departments under one roof, giving you a complete view of your entire operation.

Real time insight across your business

With all teams working in the same solution, not only are they more effective at their roles, but you gain a holistic overview of your entire operation. All data and every report is ready for your review at any time, with no data loss or discrepancies that are caused when operating multiple systems.

I would have started with Brightpearl right from the start. Brightpearl is very easy to understand and learn. It streamlines almost every aspect of our business. Brightpearl saves us time, gives us good information, and improves customer communication.
— Ben Anderson, CEO, Icelantic

Analyze sales to fine-tune and
focus efforts

Use Brightpearl’s Sales Analysis reports to understand your performance across sales channel, suppliers, and even down to the customer. This information is crucial for fuelling your business’ growth activity, all collated automatically in Brightpearl.


Automated actions to reduce repetition, and manage your business by exception

Create automation rules to automate processes, allowing you to cut down on staff costs and let Brightpearl process your orders. Redeploy your talent toward growing your business and focusing on your customer experience.

Understand your true profitability each and every day

Profitability isn’t simply knowing the cost of an item and how much you sold it for; your entire supply chain and cost of doing business needs to be brought into consideration. Brightpearl understands the true cost of inventory and tracks every financial touchpoint of a product and an order, so you can spot what’s working and what’s not.

We’ve streamlined our business with the help of Brightpearl’s powerful multichannel software. We save over £10,000 a year with Brightpearl - it’s a great investment for small retailers looking to grow their business.
— Clifton Vaughan, Director and Founder, Natural Baby Shower

Expand into new markets
and territories

We provide flexibility to trade internationally through our channel integrations, order management and accounting process. Whether you plan to break into a new territory or brand, Brightpearl allows you to quickly spin up new sales channels without expensive integration or wasted time.