Brightpearl Integrates with Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce customers now have more ways to boost their growth, with added capabilities for robust merchandizing and building multiple storefronts.

San Francisco, May 2, 2013. – Brightpearl (, cloud software that integrates orders, inventory and customer data across different retail channels, today announced an integration with Bigcommerce, the leading e-commerce software platform for fast-growth businesses. This integration is available immediately for Bigcommerce customers at and through Brightpearl at

“Brightpearl gives Bigcommerce clients another reason to love our e-commerce platform,” said Saranyan Vigraham, developer advocate, Bigcommerce. “With Brightpearl’s powerful tools, our nearly 35,000 SMB clients can better manage their multi-channel online sales efforts to help them sell more.”

“We’re excited that this integration gives us the newfound ability to create new Bigcommerce storefronts,” said, Tim O’Connor, chief operating officer, Dang Chicks. “In addition, now we can manage a single ‘master inventory’ across multiple channels, using multiple order entry methods and even across multiple customer groups - each with their own pricing structure – which is absolutely huge for us. What Brightpearl has built is simply incredible.”

With the Brightpearl integration, Bigcommerce customers can:

  • Enable more sophisticated merchandizing, such as:
    • Centrally managing multiple customer groups, including B2B and B2C stores, to accommodate retail and wholesale customers
    • Easily introducing bundles and kits that provide more responsive, customer-focused specials and promotions
    • Supporting multiple store locations and sub-brands
    • Providing real-time margin visibility and control
  • Manage and synchronize orders, backorders and inventory across multiple channels – including brick & mortar stores, Bigcommerce storefronts and other leading online marketplaces, such as Magento, Amazon and eBay – all from a single central hub
  • Unify customer data from multiple channels in order to derive more comprehensive insights into purchase behavior, and feed outbound customer marketing tools with more accurate, targeted customer content
  • Open multiple Bigcommerce storefronts that showcase different brands and products

“Brightpearl lets retailers focus on what they do best: be great merchants,” said Salman Malik, Brightpearl’s chief executive officer. “Integrating our platform with Bigcommerce means even more powerful merchandizing capabilities and removes many distracting headaches associated with multi-channel order, inventory and customer data management.”

About Brightpearl

Brightpearl is powerful-yet-simple retail and inventory management software that helps small- and medium-size retailers and wholesalers expand and compete with larger rivals by streamlining sales and supply chain functions across multiple online and offline channels. Brightpearl’s cloud-based software and services enable multichannel merchants to manage the heart of their business by combining purchasing, inventory management, CRM, order processing, accounting, fulfillment, and reporting into a single reliable platform. Founded in 2007 with offices in the U.S. and UK, Brightpearl is used by more than 1,400 merchants around the world. For more information, visit or @BrightpearlHQ.

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