Brightpearl Launches Real-Time Inventory and Listings Management to eBay Sellers

Brightpearl’s Commerce Acceleration Platform streamlines inventory listings and management features; Brightpearl and eBay to co-promote to eBay sellers in the UK.

San Francisco, and Bristol, UK, August 15, 2013 - This technology enables eBay sellers to easily list, update and manage inventory for their eBay stores directly from Brightpearl, saving time and increasing accuracy and efficiency. Now that the features are generally available, the two companies will also begin co-promotional activities to eBay sellers. To learn more, please visit Brightpearl’s eBay channel page.

The Brightpearl - eBay integration gives sellers the ability to easily manage and scale the volume of inventory they list on eBay. Importantly, managing eBay inventory listings directly from Brightpearl means that sellers have access to all of Brightpearl’s other powerful features (e.g., management of inventory, customer data, financial data, and orders across all of their sales channels). In addition, eBay sellers can generate real-time profitability insights by SKU and by customer, in order to make better business decisions.

Onya Innovations sell via our own online stores and through eBay; in fact, eBay is a super-important retail channel for us,” said Dan Brousson, Managing Director of Onya Innovations UK Ltd. “Having fully integrated inventory management across multiple channels saves us time and headaches. Now, our inventory is always up to date, and that means we can focus more on merchandising and ensure better customer service as we scale our growth to the next level.”

Key new features of the Brightpearl - eBay integration include:

  • Creation, review of drafts and publishing inventory listings in bulk or individually
  • Creation of variation listings from product groups
  • Validation of listings and verification of listing fees
  • Easy addition of images to products
  • Simple setup of re-usable profiles for inventory listing data and shipping options
  • Automatic reconciliation with seller’s Paypal account

“This feature is a real game changer for us,” said Shane Kinney, Owner of Drum Center of Portsmouth in Portsmouth, NH. “As a company we manage over 40,000 SKUs, but given the amount of work to list inventory, only 1,000 have been listed in our eBay store. Now with this tight integration and being able to list and manage listings from Brightpearl directly into eBay, we'll certainly increase our listings."

Now that the beta program is complete and these services are generally available, Brightpearl and eBay are working closely together to introduce these new features to eBay’s small- to medium-sized retail sellers, by commencing co-promotion and awareness-generation activities.

“The Brightpearl – eBay inventory integration is another example of our continuous effort to help multi-channel retailers,” said Salman Malik, chief executive officer. “As we prioritize enhancements to our platform, we listen closely to customers and ‘stand in their shoes’ in order to deliver the important new features that matter most to our retailers. We are pleased to deepen our close collaboration with eBay, in order to improve our retailers’ ability to thrive across multiple retail channels.”

About Brightpearl

Brightpearl is powerful-yet-simple retail and inventory management software that helps small- and medium-size retailers and wholesalers expand and compete with larger rivals by streamlining sales and supply chain functions across multiple online and offline channels. Brightpearl’s cloud-based software and services enable multichannel merchants to manage the heart of their business by combining purchasing, inventory management, CRM, order processing, accounting, fulfillment, and reporting into a single reliable platform. Founded in 2007 with offices in the U.S. and UK, Brightpearl is used by more than 1,400 merchants around the world. For more information, visit or @BrightpearlHQ.

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