Brightpearl COVID-19 Resource Hub

During these uncertain times, merchants are confronted with unprecedented challenges brought on by COVID-19, which may require shifts in the business operations and directions. As we work with merchants in various industries and learn of critical updates and suggested best practices, we’re here to share resources to help merchants navigate the current challenging times and prepare for the new normal. We hope you find it helpful.


Post-pandemic health checker

As we see drastic shifts in the retail industry, it’s critical to understand if your business is in good shape to quickly adjust to any unexpected changes, whether it’s being a second spike of the virus or ecommerce surge. Brightpearl’s quick and easy quiz can assess the condition of your ecommerce operations, reveal your firm’s health grade and likelihood of surviving a second spike of Covid-19.

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Brightpearl customer success stories

While this pandemic is hitting the retail sector heavily, it also brings new opportunities alongside challenges. This section shares some of Brightpearl’s customers who have managed to turn the opportunities into sales growth thanks to the agility and flexibility in their business operations.

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Upcoming webinars and virtual meetups

We’ll be hosting webinars across various topics ranging from retailers insights on COVID-19, advice and tips on retail operations, to how Brightpearl can help. Please note that some webinars are reserved for Brightpearl customers only. Check out the schedule of webinars below, and click the links to register for the time or topic that best meets your needs.

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Webinar Recording: Smart inventory planning for a healthy cash flow

Watch our inventory planning webinar recording now to see how a data-driven inventory demand planner can help release capital tied up in inventory without compromising sales growth.

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Webinar Recording: scale your order management capacity on Shopify

Watch our Shopify webinar recording now to see what you can do with Brightpearl to scale your orders efficiently on Shopify.

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Retail Workflow Automation Demonstration - Automate your retail operations

Whether you're looking to handle higher-than-usual order volumes efficiently, or trying to grow your business with the same amount of staff, automating your back office operations can be the answer.

Brightpearl is here to help

Brightpearl customers

Get a free 30-minute account health check to learn how Brightpearl can improve efficiency in your back office operations. From automation to reporting, and everything in between, now is the time to streamline. Also, be sure to contact our help desk for any questions about the product or log into Brightpearl’s learning platform for expert-led recorded training modules available 24×7.

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Are you experiencing higher order volumes, difficulty fulfilling orders, and/or fulfillment mistakes? Are you interested in moving your once wholesale business to DTC, or setting up a new online channel, or automating your fulfillment with drop shipments? Brightpearl can help. If you want to talk to a Brightpearl specialist to get a better idea of our offering, you can book a free demo here.