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How the Unboxing Experience Loops into the Customer Experience

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Have you heard about the 7 year old who earned millions just recording the unboxing of toys? What about the hundreds of thousands that watch these unboxing videos?

Unboxing packages is an entirely unique way to captivate consumers!

An outstanding e-commerce unboxing experience can really drive engagement and boost sales.

But before the idea sinks in, let’s first understand what unboxing is and why it’s so important.

What is unboxing?

Unboxing is the act of taking something new out of a box – simple as that. You must be wondering why someone would be interested in unboxing?

People love to see unboxing videos when they cannot see, touch or feel the product. Think about how good it feels when you unbox a new Apple product. It’s a truly unique experience, and when you can’t have it for yourself, an unboxing video is the next best thing!

However, people love to watch unboxing videos posted by real customers and not just brands. That’s because customers can relate to other customers, unlike the way they connect with a brand.

How to enhance the unboxing experience (with examples!)

While an unboxing video by your brand could fall flat, you can still leverage this and create the perfect unboxing experience for your customers.

Customers who have a great unboxing experience are more likely to talk about it and spread the word!

Create a buzz on social media with branded packaging

Taking our experiences – good or bad – to social media is nothing new. Obviously here, you want people to speak positively about your brand – and one way to do this is with custom branded packaging. How many times have you or a friend posted a photo of your latest delivery on Instagram or Twitter? Everyone wants to show off their latest purchase – but only if it looks good.

Having a quality product isn’t enough anymore – you’ve got to nail the packaging. The more customers (or influencers) that share pictures of your products, the more people start recognizing your logo, design and colors.

This, in turn, increases your brand’s reputation – and makes people want to check out your offerings.

Best Unboxing Brands Example #1: Burgundy Fox


Customers and influencers across social media rave about the stunning packaging that lingerie subscription box company, Burgundy Fox uses as an extension of its premium brand.

It’s the little touches inside like handwritten notes and inspirational cards that perfectly complement the brand and its desire to promote body confidence – making for one of the best unboxing experiences. The popular lingerie brand even has an Instagram Stories highlight reel showcasing customers’ unboxing experiences.

What’s more, Burgundy Fox has also opted for eco-friendly packaging; once again, keeping the brand’s values at the core of its unboxing experience.

Pay particular attention to smooth and effortless experiences

Whether you like it or not, a clumsy and complicated unboxing experience may frustrate your customers, prompting a negative review.

On the other hand, a smooth and innovative unboxing experience will help you get more positive reviews.

Best Unboxing Brands Example #2: Apple


Steve Jobs once mentioned, “design is how it works”, and since then, Apple has paid great attention to the design and aesthetics of its products.

Many of the most-watched unboxing videos are for Apple products which are minimalistic yet elegant. Unboxing an Apple product is effortless and calls for positive reviews from Apple customers.

Best Unboxing Brands Example #3: Thrive Market


Thrive Market is another brand that’s creating amazing unboxing experiences among its customers.

This start-up business conveys its brand ethos across its packaging.

From the outside, the box is a simple brown, but the inside is green with a wallpaper-like appearance.

Thrive Market also offers a privately-owned return address, not just any old warehouse details, which shows its ownership and accountability for the entire customer experience.

Gain positive lasting impressions with unique unboxing experiences

If you’ve ever had a branded packaging experience, you may have noticed how deliberately packaging materials, designs and messages are used.

Good branded packaging and unique ideas create a memorable unboxing experience, instantly leaving a long-lasting impression.

Best Unboxing Brands Example #4: Birchbox


Birchbox is a brand that’s creating a buzz with its unique unboxing experience.

The brand ensures every package is different and so is its box décor. The inside also changes every month depending upon the content inside the box.

This alone is good enough to create curiosity among its customers who look forward to a new unboxing experience every time.


When the competition between brands is high, a perfect unboxing experience can really help your business to stand out from its competitors.

Custom packaging and customers’ unboxing of your products play such a huge role in their experience with your brand.

It’s crucial not to overlook it, and more importantly, to nail it. Want to nail your brand’s custom packaging?

Of course you do, which is why you need to check out Arka. Custom packaging is an art that takes time to perfect and Arka has more than a decade of experience. More than 200 clients around the world have stories to tell about how their use of Arka products has helped strengthen their branding.

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