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Grand Prix Racewear accelerates its growth with major ecommerce pit stop

Key Facts



30% Sales Growth

in Q1 with Brightpearl

Brightpearl enables us to easily manage the full range of sales and inventory processes throughout the business and provides a foundation for sustainable growth.”

– Anthony Cheshire,Managing Director

Quick off the start line

Established in London in 1987 by former F1 driver David Kennedy, Grand Prix Racewear (GPR) has grown to become one of the UK’s best loved suppliers of racewear products for the motorsport industry. Now based at the legendary home of British Racing, Silverstone, the brand is a household name on the UK racing scene, outfitting its customers with the top quality racewear necessary for the high speed rigours of the track. 

Over the years, as motorsport has grown in glamour and popularity, the brand has expanded its range of products, offering thousands of suits, boots, gloves and helmets to UK racing enthusiasts via its state of the art Silverstone showroom and online store, establishing itself as a one stop shop for all your racewear needs ahead of time on the asphalt. 

Similar to other scaling businesses, the business had been managing orders manually through a small team and a Magento ecommerce platform that was struggling to keep up with the company’s growing success. The motorsport industry moves fast and it was imperative that the firm innovate in order to overtake the competition. 

“In Grand Prix Racewear I saw a brand with a fantastic product and a brilliant reputation that just needed to put its foot down and accelerate its growth.” says Anthony Cheshire, Managing Director, Grand Prix Racewear.

 “As the business expanded, we realised that our previous system was extremely limited in its capabilities. We needed much better control over our inventory and wanted to move away from multiple disparate systems that were proving difficult to integrate with each other. We wanted a solution that would enable us to scale smoothly without adding major headcount to the workforce.” 

Tuning up for success

Having begun a major ecommerce tune up, the business was now eager to find a digital operations platform that would drastically reduce the amount of time spent on manual processes after the buy button and give it better control over its inventory and data. 

The racewear brand opted for Brightpearl. Its all-in-one capability, easy accessibility of data and record of speedy implementation left all other competitors in the dust.   

Brightpearl solved our problems!”, says Anthony. “Our old system used to create multiple invoices for separate products on a single delivery, which we then had to alter manually. With Brightpearl this process is completely automated and this single change alone enables us to process orders about 20% quicker.”

“This type of technology implementation usually takes 6-12 months, which wasn’t an option for us as we run quite lean as a business and needed to keep operating throughout. We were up and running on Brightpearl in less than three months – three! – and I have to say that their support team has been excellent throughout.” 

Anthony Cheshire, Managing Director

The brand also wanted to make better use of its abundant data, so that it could use product and customer insights to create a more streamlined buying experience and staff could optimize their time more effectively.  

“We wanted to know more about our customers and how the order and sales processes were functioning,” explains Anthony. “Brightpearl has made our data more accessible, easier to manage and it has given us an informed understanding of our sales pipeline, from the Brightpearl POS we use in the showroom to the inventory management system, our small, talented team can now cover a lot of different areas.”  

Eyeing up pole position

Having doubled turnover in less than two years, Grand Prix Racewear wants to push on ahead of the competition, building on its growing momentum to diversify the business and expand its product range. 

“We’re having a fantastic year, and I think more of the racing world is waking up to what we have to offer,” says Anthony. “Brightpearl is a very comprehensive package and we intend to explore its capabilities and expand into other channels – at the moment we sell through our website and showroom but Brightpearl’s easy and extensive range of integrations will be key as we look to sell on third party ecommerce sites like Amazon and Ebay.”    

“Not only that but we also want to continue growing our number of available products as we develop a performance parts arm of the business which, with the help of Brightpearl, will be live very soon.” 

Since implementing Brightpearl, the team has seen the benefits of a scalable  DOP, from real-time business intelligence to streamlined management of inventory, all without adding to the workforce.

“Brightpearl enables us to easily manage the full range of sales and inventory processes throughout the business”, adds Anthony. “It provides a foundation for  sustainable growth and gives us the confidence to diversify our product offering and expand into other channels as we look to the future.”