AMD Supply save over $50,000 a year with Brightpearl inventory management

AMD Supply LLC are based in the US and provide aluminium services to the Florida area. 
They’re are passionate about being innovative and looking after their customers.

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Key facts


saved per year


growth rate in 12 months

Aiming for 47%

growth in the next 24 months

With Brightpearl managing our orders and inventory, life’s never been easier. Not only that our relationships with our customers has improved and we’ve grown as a company.
— Peter Loucks, Director

The background

Based in Miami, Florida, AMD Supply offers an exceptional aluminum extrusion service. They have grown their customer base and loyalty by providing quality products at competitive prices along with a dedication to impeccable customer service. Passionate about keeping their customers happy, they’re always looking to continuously innovate and bring new products to Florida’s doorstep. Brightpearl helps AMD Supply manage inventory, accounts and customers relationships, saving them $50,000 a year.

Peter Loucks, Director, at AMD Supply tells us how Brightpearl has helped his business grow 30% in 12 months. He anticipates growing his business even further with Brightpearl, aiming for 47% growth in the next 24 months.

The challenge

“Sharing information within a company is really important to make sure everyone is working from the same page. When there are only one or two people in a company you can get by but as a business gets bigger, communication is key. We found that before Brightpearl, information within the company was really disjointed. The lack of consistency meant that customers were not getting the best service we could offer.

"Before Brightpearl we were using Peach Tree, which was really good for accounts but not effective for any other areas of the business. I knew I wanted to find software which encompassed more areas of the business. I looked into NetSuite but it was too expensive, especially as I was concerned about seeing a tangible return, I didn’t want to invest in a big upfront cost. I went searching on the internet and found Brightpearl. It offered us a complete package from accounts, inventory, CRM, sales, to pick, pack and shipping, as well as being accessible anywhere and affordable.

Key Challenges:

  • Disjointed information
  • Lack of consistency
  • No all-in-one system

The solution

"Brightpearl is cloud-based which is increasingly becoming very important to our business; now our sales team can make quotes and put through orders wherever they are. The sales team is equipped with tablets and they can access company data on the move. When with a customer they can check stock and place orders instantly. It’s great for customer service and productivity has increased substantially. It distinguishes us from our competitors, there are 10 or more other warehousing organizations in Florida but our unique selling point is our customer service. Brightpearl has allowed us to offer an even better service be giving us insight into the business at a click of a button. We can provide our customers with a reliable, fast, efficient and friendly service.

"Originally we took on the switch-over to Brightpearl ourselves to save money, as the software is really intuitive. However, we did end up getting professional services after a couple of months. They helped put some processes in place that helped us to maximize all the features of Brightpearl much quicker than we would have on our own. I would recommend getting professional services if you can as it’s much quicker and you can use the software to its full potential, straightaway.

"The feature we love the most with Brightpearl is the reporting. You can see a profit and loss statement on a daily basis which is really useful. We import our bank statements so reconciliation is extremely easy. Our customers can log in and pay online and the bank cuts the checks so we don’t have to. We keep our accounts up-to-date and Brightpearl lets us see them in real-time which saves us huge amount of time. We process our invoices daily so our payments are faster so we never miss out. The reports update throughout the day so from quote to order we have insight into our business, which allows us to make better informed decisions."

"With Brightpearl managing our orders and inventory, life’s never been easier. Not only that, our relationships with our customers has improved and we’ve grown as a company.”

The future

"We continuously see improvements with new features that Brightpearl work on, it’s constantly evolving and so is our business. We plan to use their marketplace integrations to help us grow even further in the coming months. It’s a fantastic all-in-one solution for small businesses that really helps manage your business behind the scenes. When you grow past a certain stage you need Brightpearl there to take you to the next stage. We have saved over $50,000 with Brightpearl; we are more productive and we can grow without increasing our overheads."