Blue Web Retail grows 280% and
saves over £45,000 a year. 

Blue Web Retail is an umbrella company for several multichannel retailing
outlets primarily selling healthcare products globally.

Key Facts




growth rate


saved per year

30 hours


The background.

Blue Web Retail is a company of many talents, retail focused, they sell online primarily in the healthcare sector. Over the years they have developed Blue Web Retail which is now an umbrella brand for the additional niche retail channels they have developed. These range from selling healthcare products, through to sports equipment, and even IT consultancy. Gareth Lucas, the Managing Director at Blue Web Retail, was kind enough to share his experiences with us. He’s not only a Brightpearl user, he’s also been so impressed by our software that he’s become a partner too.

The challenge.

“About four years ago we diversified into the US market where we now do a great deal of business. We enjoy the ability to market and sell our product ranges to a significant retail market both in the UK, EU and USA. Three years ago we ran into a roadblock, as sales volumes increased our logistical situation became more complex and our internal processes started to breakdown. We had problems across the board from inventory management, purchase ordering errors, VAT errors, to a general lack of accounting visibility. If we were to grow further something needed to change. We needed to focus on our core activities like sourcing products, gaining sole distribution deals and marketing the business rather than wasting time on administration."

Key challenges:

  • Inaccurate inventory levels
  • Purchase order errors
  • VAT errors
  • No visibility across the business
  • Spending too much time doing admin

The solution.

“After extensive research and evaluating other products such as ChannelAdvisor and eSellerPro, which were far too marketing and sales orientated for our needs, we found Brightpearl, an all-in-one solution that ticked all of our boxes! Brightpearl revolutionized our approach with respect to inventory management, purchase ordering and accounting. It saves us a great deal of time reducing our administrative overhead whilst improving accuracy. The time saved is now allocated to activities to help the business grow and generating more revenue."

Our data is more accurate, we can run better reports and our order processing is cut by half!
— Gareth Lucas, Managing Director

“When we made the move to Brightpearl it was not at all half-heartedly. Every aspect of our business was revamped from the ground up; warehouse management, purchase order processing, accounting and we even developed new websites across the board converting from .NET systems to Magento. We chose Magento for a number of reasons; it’s well established, it’s open sourced, it’s very customizable and it’s low cost to maintain. The icing on the cake was Brightpearl’s multichannel integration with Magento which was another problem for us solved. Brightpearl was the Magento back office we needed. Ultimately this integration plus the reduction in the amount of time spent wasted on unnecessary administration means we save over £45,000 a year with Brightpearl. Our data is more accurate, we can run better reports, and our order processing is cut by half!"

The future.

“Before Brightpearl we were trying to function on Sage, the whole process for our business was manual and very time-consuming. With Brightpearl we have gained the time back so we can chase suppliers and negotiate discounts for stock. Not only that we can be proactive in our decision making, Brightpearl allows us to see our accounts in real time. We know where our money is, where it’s going and what we have to reinvest in the business without needing to wait for an end of month report. How can you grow your business without full visibility of what you are spending and where? We have grown 280% in the last 12 months and we expect to continue growing in the future. We use Brightpearl every minute of every day; it has become invaluable to our business processes”.