CMS and Sons manage their sales and have their inventory under control with Brightpearl 

CMS & Sons: the family-run workwear, sports teamwear and promotional clothing company
supplying Wales, the South West, and beyond.

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“Brightpearl gives me complete visibility of how we’re doing so we can make informed judgments. In our first year, our turnover grew by almost 30%. I have no doubt that we would not be turning over what we are without Brightpearl, that’s for sure.”
— - Aled Davies, Director of Sales, CMS and Sons

The background

CMS and Sons are a family-run teamwear, workwear, promotional clothing and trophy supplier from Pontyclun in South Wales. They offer their customers personalizations such as printing, embroidery and engraving. The business has three arms: CMS Teamwear, Trophies and Medals Online who have a retail client base of schools, clubs and sports teams and Cobra Workwear who have wholesale clients in the civil engineering and construction sector. CMS and Sons enjoy the benefits of varied customer bases. They work with well-known companies such as international security services company G4S. They reach out to customers from their showroom and Magento webstores.

Terry Davies, founder of CMS and Sons, set out on a sales journey which saw him selling a wide variety of items (completely unconnected to the product range of today) then work boots, finally culminating in personalizable sportswear, workwear and trophies. CMS and Sons was born. They launched their CMS Teamwear website first. eBay shortly followed, business was good but they started to encounter the logistical problems of managing an omnichannel business.

The challenge

Like many businesses, CMS and Sons began by using a range of disparate systems to manage their accounting, inventory and orders. Aled Davies, Director of Sales told us “We were doing our accounting on Sage, taking down orders on pieces of paper and manually entering information into Excel spreadsheets. We could, and did, lose orders with Sage and we had no idea of what sales we had done until our accountant came in at the end of the month. We had no idea of what stock we had, which meant we kept over-ordering from our suppliers.”

Key Challenges:

  • No control of sales orders - leading to lost revenue
  • Inaccurate inventory - leading to over-ordering and holding too much stock
  • Lack of sales reporting and a reliance on an external accountant
  • Too many disconnected systems

The solution

Realizing that managing their business on Sage and spreadsheets was unsustainable, CMS began the search for a new management system. Aled described the search they had undertaken: “We looked around at some other solutions like Netsuite. They did some of what we wanted, but not everything we wanted. Brightpearl just made a lot of sense.” CMS and Sons started using Brightpearl at the end of 2014 with the help of one of Brightpearl’s partners Vismagic. “It was a big step because we had no client database.” Aled told us. “We had to create one to import into Brightpearl. It was a big job, but it was really worth it. We had lots of help and went live in 6-8 weeks.”

Upon going live with Brightpearl, it wasn’t long before CMS and Sons could see the benefits. “Straight away we would see all our orders and where we were with them. We could see how the business was performing whenever we wanted.”

Fast forward two years and the picture is even brighter. “Last month we did 740 eBay sales. Before Brightpearl, we did 20 a month” Aled told us. “We’ve gone from a couple of pounds a month on eBay to regularly doing over £10k a month. It’s almost become another section of the business.”

Key Strengths:

  • Comprehensive order management
  • Full inventory control and reporting
  • Real-time sales reporting and accounting
  • All core functions ‘under one roof’

The future

“We grow year on year with Brightpearl. In our first full year, our turnover grew by almost 30%.” Aled told us. In the next five years, CMS and Sons are on target to turnover £4-5m, employ another 10-15 staff and move to a bigger premises. They attribute a key factor of this to Brightpearl. “They have been a massive part of our growth. They really gave us what we needed to grow our business and as we get bigger, the savings will grow with us.”

“It might seem like a big step, but in time savings you make back what you pay out over and over again. I would have done it lot sooner.”

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